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​4 Ways to Cat Proof Your Garden

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So you’ve decided that you want to find a way for your cats to be safe outside, and you’ve come to the right place! Whether you want to construct your own safehaven or leave it to the professionals, we have flexible systems to suit every type of outside space. Find out more about different types of cat containment solutions below!

Cat Runs

  • A self contained, open-topped, cat enclosure 
  • Totally tailor made to your requirements 
  • Flexibility to cat proof large gardens up to several acres 
  • Choose a single, double, or ‘cat-lock’ safety gate 
  • High level of skill required for DIY 
  • Can be used on both hard and soft ground 
  • Can purchase individual components or a kit with everything you need


Cat Enclosures

  • Allows your cat to roam within your chosen boundaries 
  • Free standing 
  • Modular components to fit any size 
  • Option for a sealed mesh roof for ultimate security 
  • Customisable mesh, roof, and gates 
  • For turf or patio 
  • Gates with 'animal proof' magnetic latch with lock and key 
  • Open roof version can be built over large expanses of land 
  • Installation only (made to order)

Cat Fencetop Barriers

  • Available in three sizes to accommodate all boundary heights 
  • For brick, concrete and wooden panels 
  • Fit neatly on top of your fences or pre-existing boundary 
  • Doesn’t interfere with the layout of your space 
  • Allows your cat to roam the whole garden 
  • Minimum visual impact 
  • Can proof gates, sheds and trees 
  • Features the 'Bengal Bend', an innovation for cats with high levels of strength and agility 
  • Available for DIY fitting 
  • Can choose from individual components, a kit, or installation


  • A cat patio 
  • Ideal for small outside spaces 
  • Closed mesh roof 
  • Can be extended from a window, door, balcony or porch 
  • Optional features including ‘cat-lock’ gates 
  • Can build cat shelves and tunnels for enrichment

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