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​Can Cats Infect Each Other with Corona Virus?

Today, an article in The Guardian provided new information after a Chinese study found that cats can infect each other with the virus. At this current time there has been no evidence to suggest that cats can transmit the coronavirus to humans. However, the advice is to remain careful around our feline family members, remembering to wash hands and avoid [...]

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​Cats and Covid-19 – What You Need to Know

We have already covered the corona virus and what it means for cat owners in a previous blog post. However, as things have moved on somewhat since then we thought we would give you some updated guidance as shared by ICatCare.The good news is that at this time there is still no evidence to suggest that humans can spread [...]

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​Animal Road Accident Awareness Day

Here’s a date for your diaries, October 8, 2020. Why? Well, October 8th is now officially Animal Road Accident Awareness Day. It’s an excellent day to help raise awareness of the serious issue of animals being injured on the road and often left there without any help or much of a second thought. It’s a day to encourage others [...]

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​Cat Breeds – Say Hello to the Devon Rex

We’ve loved sharing cat breeds recently with the latest breed on the block, the Keetso, and the impressive stripy Toyger, we thought we’d continue the theme with a new breed featured on the blog each month. Today we are inviting you to fall in love with the Devon Rex.The Devon Rex is from the UK, as the name suggests. Cornish [...]

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Cool Cat Collars - Interview with Gareth, Co-Founder

There's nothing we love more than the 'purrks' of the job: an inbox full of cat pics and networking with fellow cat lovers. It doesn't get better than meeting up with Gareth and Kelly, CoFounders of Cool Cat Collars, in a cat cafe (of course!)Tell us a little about how it all began? What was [...]

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Can Cats Catch and Spread Covid-19?

We have had a few people contact us asking about the threat of cats catching and/or spreading the new coronavirus to humans. The latest news from Hong Kong states that both dogs and cats cannot pass coronavirus to humans. This comes from Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. The conclusion was reached after tests were carried out [...]

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​5 Indoor Cat Considerations

Thinking of getting an inside cat? There are quite a few factors to consider when choosing an inside cat over a free roaming inside cat. These are five of the main ones that I have personally become aware of after my daughter adopted Motsie, a Keetso cat from the RSPCA just a few weeks ago (read all about [...]

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​Meet the Toyger

After researching Keetso cats last week, I came across another designer breed, the Toyger. These cats look wild but have no wild blood, just domestic as the Toyger is a mix of Bengal with a striped domestic short hair. The combination resulted in a beautiful stripy cat that has a low-slung body.Toyger’s come from the USA and were first [...]

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​Keetso Cat - The New Breed on the Block

Have you heard of the Keetso? Keetso is the latest cat breed, which is so exclusive there are only two breeders in the world. The breed is named Keetso, which means ‘Big Footed One’ in Navajo and when you see one, you’ll understand why.These cats have some distinctive features, one being their very polydactyl feet. They have the look [...]

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​Are You a Cat Whisperer?

We recently published a blog post about how researchers are working on an app to help pet owners and veterinary professionals establish the health and pain experienced by a cat based on their subtle facial expressions. Since then, Lauren Dawson from the University of Guelph has been investigating how good people are at understanding their cats faces.The online study showed multiple [...]

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