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​Man Arrested in the Brighton Cat Killer Case

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A man has been arrested in connection to the ‘Brighton Cat Killer’ investigation, formally called Operation Diverge. SNARL, The South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty group has been investigating the attacks and over 24 confirmed cases in the area linked to the cats along with Sussex Police and working to raise awareness of the cat stabbings.

As yet, no charges have been brought to the arrested 52-year-old man and it is possible that the killer is out there. There were concerns that the Croydon Cat Killer may be responsible, possibly after a move to Brighton. However, the Sussex Police have stated that the attacks are not linked, and the investigated cat stabbings have taken place in Brighton in the following areas in particular:

  • BN13
  • BN14
  • BN15
  • BN16

The ‘UK Animal Killer’ is still actively being investigated by Sussex Police.

Cats in Brighton have been seriously injured or killed in attacks over an 18-month period. The most recent cat was found wounded and later died on 31 May. After viewing CCTV footage, the police were able to make an arrest of a local man on suspicion of criminal damage and possession of an offence weapon in a public place. The local man was given bail until 28 June.

Raising Awareness

Police and SNARL are working to raise awareness of the Brighton Cat Killer, who attacks in the late afternoon and early evening. They asked for people to continue raising awareness, putting up posters and sharing leaflets to ensure cat owners know the current risks. Further advice is to keep cats indoors as much as possible. Further information can be found on SNARL’s Facebook group page and a petition has been started on change.org titled ‘Find the Brighton Cat Killer’ which has over 500 signatures.

Police Appeal to a Possible Witness

The police are hoping to find a possible witness to the latest killing. A man was seen to stroke the cat before the attack took place. He is aged between 20 and 30 years old, medium build with long dark wavy hair and around 5ft 8ins in height. On the day he was wearing sunglasses.

Sussex Police encourage continued vigilance and have increased the number of patrols in the affected areas. They are also working with Royal Veterinary College experts to find out how each of the cats were killed. 

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