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Himalayan Salt Lamp Warning for Cat Owners

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Himalayan salt lamps are hugely popular thanks to their unique light and alleged health benefits. While humans can enjoy the calming nature of the lamp, cats are at serious risk. Please take a moment to read this article If you have a Himalayan lamp or are thinking of getting one.

Himalayan Salt Lamps become a great feature in the home, but they can lead to sodium poisoning in cats. Cats are known to lick the lamps, leading to pain, vomiting, seizures and loss of life in some cases. Vets have released a worldwide warning after a cat in New Zealand fell ill after licking a Himalayan lamp at the end of June 2019.

Maddie Smith noticed her beloved pet cat Ruby walking strangely and was holding her head in an unusual position. The family didn’t think it was anything serious to begin with but when they came home from a day at work, they found Ruby is a much worse condition. Ruby was unable to walk, eat, drink, had no control of her tongue and she couldn’t see or hear.

After rushing to the vets, test showed that Ruby had large levels of sodium in her blood. The brain had swelled, which resulted in neurological problems. If Ruby hadn’t been taken to the vets in time she would have died as a direct result of licking the families Himalayan salt lamp.

Ruby received an IV treatment that was able to bring her sodium and chloride levels down to normal. After a few days her neurological signs improved, and Ruby was able to return home. It will be a while before Rosy is back to her old self but with continued care, hydration and nutrition she should get back to normal at some point in the future.

The Rose Avenue Vet Hospital who treated Ruby decided to share the story and ensure all pet owners are aware of the risks of Himalayan salt lamps. The risks are not limited to cats, dogs and other pets are also often tempted to lick the lamps. If you have a Himalayan Salt lamp you are advised to place it far out of reach of all animals in the home. 

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