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​How Do You Train a Cat to Stay in the Yard?

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A lot of cat owners want to know how to train a cat to stay in the yard or garden. It’s a commonly asked question but not an easy task. You see, cats are different to dogs in that they are extremely independent. They can be trained, but it takes a lot of patience and they can only be trained up to a certain point. Even the professional 'actor' cats always need to be put on leashes and carefully watched between scenes.Cat in Yard

Responding to Name When Called

You can train a cat to come to you when you call their name or make a sound. This is a basic level of training that all cats will pick up very quickly. Reward the kitten or cat with strokes, fuss or play time when they come to you when called.

One of the easiest ways to start is by calling your cats name each time you feed your cat. You can also shake the food container or tap the fork on the can and teach your cat that the noise means food. When cats venture outside you can use this basic training to entice them back inside the home.

Cat Leash Training

Some cat owners decide to walk their cats. This gives the cat exercise and helps to keep them safe. We have an article on how to train your cat to walk on a leash, here. Please note that you will need to be prepared to walk your cat frequently and have a lot of patience, most cats don’t take to the harness or lead walking without putting up a bit of a fight.

Make the Garden Safe for Your Cat

Allowing a cat to continue to go outside is a good idea, but obviously you want to keep your cat safe at the same time. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using a cat containment system. There are lots of options available so all yards and gardens can be made safe areas for cats. Popular options include cat fencing, catios, cat balconies and cat enclosures.

Cats have a strong free will and they are also curious and natural hunters. Training them to remain within a set area at all times might not be possible, but you can keep your cat safe with a cat safe garden. Teach basic recall commands and consider using a cat leash and or cat containment system to keep your cat safe inside your yard.

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