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​How Neighbours Can Legally Keep Your Cat Off Their Property

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Not all neighbours appreciate cats visiting their property. Some people dislike cats coming in the garden or home and will take measures to stop it happening. They might have a cat of their own that feels intimidated by other cats in the area. They may not like to find cats using their garden as a toilet. Whatever the reason, there are legal ways for them to stop your cat from entering their space.

Cats are protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006. This means any actions neighbours take to prevent your cat from coming into their garden needs to be humane and safe. Here are the following allowed actions as listed on the Cats Protection website.

  • Clapping or shouting to shoo the cats out of the garden
  • Using low pressure water guns to spray cats, ensuring the eyes are avoided and never using high pressured pistils such as super soaker's or pressure washers
  • Never feeding the cat and securing the bins to stop the cat from searching for food
  • Using a secure cat flap with a key fob attachment for their own cat to have free access while stopping other cats from using the cat flap
  • Planting hedges and shrubs designed to deter cats or make it difficult for them to enter the space
  • Removing bird tables and feeders to try to discourage local birds and wildlife from entering the garden
  • Using chicken manure pellets that are approved by the Soil Association around the flower beds and boarders
  • Using pebbles and stone to cover soil or replace bark chippings to discourage the cat from using the garden as a toilet
  • Using high walls and fences to stop cats from entering the garden
  • Using water sprays that are triggered by infra-red sensors to spray water when triggered by movement

Neighbours have the right to try and prevent your cat from entering their property, including the garden. Using cat fencing is a great way of stopping your cat from roaming and giving you peace of mind that they’re not causing trouble or getting hassled by non-cat loving neighbours. Get in touch for a free quote for a suitable cat containment system that will work with your budget and garden. 

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