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Blue Cross Appeal: Keep Cats Away From Open Windows and Balconies

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cat balconies Falls from Windows and Balconies Injuring Too Many Cats

Blue Cross has appealed to cat owners to keep cats away from open windows. The National cat charity are hoping to raise awareness of the risks to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities to cats. The plea comes after six cats were treated from injuries and two fatalities happened over just one weekend.

Cats falling from windows and balconies happen each year and the numbers increase over the summer. Over one weekend the charity’s animal hospital in Victoria treated five cats and one cat sadly died from the injuries. Each of the five cats fell from windows at differing heights between Friday and Saturday. The animal hospital in Hammersmith also treated an additional four cats in just four weeks over the summer.

Horrendous Injuries Can Be Easily Avoided

Alison Thomas, the senior veterinary surgeon at the Victoria animal hospital said that the summer is always a concern for the Blue Cross. They see a lot of cats suffering from horrible injuries after falling from windows or balconies. Alison said that this is a serious issue that can be easily avoided at very little cost by installing a screen or cat balconies. Many cat owners leave their windows and balconies open and assume that their pet cats will be safe and not fall from the height. Sadly, cats are curious creatures and they will be attracted to the window to investigate sounds and smells. Many of these cats do lose their footing and they end up falling from height.

It is important to make windows and balconies safe for your cats (and dogs!). We provide a full range of barriers that can be used to protect your cats from falls from height, including bespoke cat balconies and cat mesh. Contact our expert team to find the perfect solution for you and your budget. 

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