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​RSPCA’s Adoptober in Full Swing to Help Cats find Forever Homes

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The RSPCA is working hard on a rehoming appeal to try to reduce the number of cats they have in their centres throughout the UK. The RSPCA rescued 22,000 cats in 2018, which is the equivalent of 60 cats per day. This figure is four times more than dogs and is more than any other animal. The rehoming drive is taking place throughout October, or ‘Adoptober’.

Cat Care is Often Lacking

Alice Potter, Cat Welfare Expert, said that cats are often a victim of poor care as they are commonly misunderstood. The public report their concerns over cats every day and the number requiring being rescued is too high. Cats are often victims of air gun attacks, deliberate and accidental poisonings and over breeding and population are also problematic.

The RSPCA encourages all cat owners to neuter their cats as soon as possible (around 4 months of age). The purpose of the neutering is mainly to reduce the number of unwanted pets ending up in the RSPCA and other cat shelters and rescue centres in the UK.

Choose to Adopt

Anyone considering getting a cat is encouraged to reach out to their local RSPCA centre or rescue centre. Cats are there waiting to find their forever home. One of the problems some people have when trying to adopt is the home inspection. Houses without secure gardens or close to busy roads will commonly be refused the chance of adopting a cat. Thankfully, cat fences, catios and cat enclosures provide the ideal solution that will secure the garden area and provide new cat owners and cat rescue centres the peace of mind and confidence when placing a cat in a new home.

Find out more about the rehoming appeal here:

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Dog Attacks on Cats

A question submitted to The Guardian’s Eleanor Gordon -Smith this week grabbed our attention. The reader asked the question “What can I do about three cat-murdering dogs in a neighbourhood yard”. The response provided a bit of information regarding approaching the neighbour and warning others about the potential dangers. You can read the full response, here. While the question was [...]

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​How to Stop Cats Fighting

Seeing your cat fighting can be distressing, even hearing the fight or dealing with the aftermath is extremely unpleasant. Cats are territorial, it is in their nature to protect their space and mark their territories. They will use scent to try and claim their land and will fight if they feel their land is being encroached by another cat. [...]

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​5 Ways to Help a Cat with Allergies

Humans being allergic to cats is well-known, but not every cat owner is aware that cats can also suffer with allergies of their own. Vets often surprise cat owners with an allergy diagnosis as it’s not a condition that isn’t expected. Cat allergies happen when the immune system is sensitive to something it comes into contact with. The immune [...]

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​Can You Track a Cat with a Microchip?

A Microchip is a tiny implant that is injected into a cat. The purpose of the microchip is for identification. Cats can be scanned by vets and some cat charity organisations in order to establish where the cat lives and who the owners are. The microchip helps to reunite owners with their pet if it gets lost, stolen or [...]

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​Cat Is Hurled Across the Road by Angry Neighbour

CCTV footage captured an eight-month-old kitten being thrown across the road by an angry neighbour. April Hawes threw the kitten 25 feet and shouted that she wanted to knock the cat out in the fit of rage. Hawes was furious as the cat kept entering her garden, which resulted in her taking the aggressive action, throwing the cat [...]

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​Do Electric Fences Work on Cats?

Many cat owners are looking for efficient and humane ways of keeping their pet cats safe and secure. One of the questions commonly asked is whether electric fences work for cats and if so, how safe are they. There is a simple answer to this, electric fences are not a preferential choice to keep cats safe.An electric fence [...]

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​Missing Cats in Lancashire Sparks Concern

Cat owners in Darwin, Lancashire are feeling increasingly worried about the number of cats going missing in the area. Since January 2019, several cats have either gone missing or been found dead after disappearing from their homes in Whitehall. The two dead cats were found in the second week of May, while three cats have gone astray in the past [...]

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​Do Cat Fences Work?

Cats love to get out into the big wide world and claim their own turf. They are territorial creatures who love to hunt, protect their land and explore every part of what they own. Sadly, this curiosity gets cats into trouble and many end up in sorry situations ranging from losing their way and finding new families, being taken, [...]

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​The Difference between Feral and Stray Cats

Do you have a strange cat lurking in your garden? It’s not uncommon. There are millions of cats in the UK and sometimes they decide to investigate new spaces. These cats could belong to one of your neighbours, but sometimes they will be strays or feral cats, but how do you tell the difference?Stray CatsStrays have lived in a [...]

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