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​Can I track My Cat with GPS?

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A major concern of most if not all cat owners is the risk to their cat as they venture outside. Cat theft, road accidents and cat theft are all very real risks. One of the ways cat owners are trying to gain peace of mind is with cat GPS, but does it really work?

It is absolutely possible to track the movements of your cat using GPS. Some of the different options include:

GPS Cat Collars

There are many different makes of cat collars that come with GPS. One of the popular makes of collar is lightweight at only 6 grams, so the cat shouldn’t be too bothered by the addition. It is designed to stay on so your cat can go about it’s day without any concern. A directional handset comes with the collar. This handset picks up the GPS signal up to 122 meters in a clear sight line. A red light indicates that your cat is within the range and it changes to amber and green the closer you get.

Additional GPS Cat Collar Features to Look Out For

The GPS cat collars will differ in strength, weight and features so it’s important to read up to ensure you’re happy with the ability of the cat collar you choose. One feature to look out for is a locate button that makes a beep noise on the collar when pressed. It could be possible to train the cat to return home when hearing the beep using training and treats.

Another excellent feature gives owners an alert if the cat is at risk of overheating or getting too cold. This is made possible by the addition of a temperature sensor. Upon hearing the warning, you can step into action and encourage your cat to come home and provide warmth or refreshment to help avoid a medical emergency.

Health tracker features can be interesting. These work in a similar way to Fitbits for Humans, tracking the amount of activity the cat is getting, useful to ensure they are staying active and healthy.

The Negatives of GPS Collars for Cats

  • One of the most common problems is loss. Cats can very easily lose their collars and when buying expensive equipment, it can be very annoying when it comes to replacing it. You may be able to use the GPS to locate, but sometimes the collars end up in unreachable places or they could become damaged.
  • You need to be in range of your cat. If your cat is stolen and taken away or has wondered out of range you will not be able to use the tracker.
  • The cat is still at risk of the dangers associated with being outdoors. Cat fencing and alternative cat containment systems could be the better option especially for cats living close to heavy traffic or where cats are being targeted.

A GPS cat collar can work but it is worth considering the cost and the benefits of using them as a way to protect your cat from the dangers of outdoor life. There are alternatives out there that will provide greater peace of mind when it comes to keeping your cat safe.

Alternatives to GPS Collars for Cats

A genuinely preventative solution to caring for your cat's safety outdoors is a cat fence barrier or cat enclosure. A cat fence is designed specifically to stop cats from being able to leave the garden or outdoor space. There are different types of cat fencing to choose from, making it possible for all types of outdoor spaces and gardens to be secured, cat friendly and safe.

  • Cat fencing – sits on top of the existing boundary such as a wooden fence. It can be positioned to work around obstacles such as trees, sheds or other outbuildings.
  • Catios are secured enclosures that sit over a patio, like a large cage.
  • Cat enclosures can be used in large or small gardens, ideal for those who want to limit the amount of access the cats have to the space outside.
  • Cat balconies are ideal for those looking to secure the balcony to ensure the cat doesn’t escape or fall and risk injury.

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