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​Keeping Cats and Landlords Happy - Cat Fencing and Rented Properties

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Many renters struggle to find suitable homes that allow cats and other pets. Landlords are often reluctant to allow pets as they are concerned about damage and other issues that are associated with animals. Tenancies will often include the ‘no pets’ policy, this causes problems for a lot of renters but also results in tenants feeling less settled and more likely to move quicker. Cats’ Protection are working to help solve this problem with their new campaign.

There is a massive pool of tenants that are responsible pet owners. These tenants will not want to cause damage to the property and will take the necessary steps to protect their home as well as their beloved pets. Cats are great tenants, 72% of landlords surveyed said that they experienced no problems caused by pet cats in their properties. Furthermore, owners that can keep their cats are more likely to live in their rented property for longer as they feel happier and more settled.

There are clauses that can be put into the tenancy agreement that will protect the property, such as insisting that tenants maintain flea prevention treatments and have their cats neutered and vaccinated. These clauses are good for the property but also encourage responsible pet ownership.

Tenants and Their Cats

If you have a cat you can provide your landlord with assurances that you’re a responsible cat owner. Talk about your cats and their personalities and quirks, show copies of vet records and discuss how you intend on preventing problems by ensuring the cat is happy, healthy and enriched. Introduce activity centres and cat scratching posts into the home to help avoid damage to carpets and furniture.

Indoor Cats and Rented Homes

Some landlords may feel that indoor cats are more likely to cause damage to the property. Indoor cats do require a lot more attention and need to be given opportunities to display their natural behaviours. Discuss the steps you plan on taking to enrich your indoor cats’ life to help prevent issues within the property.

Cat Fencing and Containment Systems and Landlords

Many households now have some form of cat containment system in place to protect their cats from dangers and risks associated with outdoor life. These containment systems include catio’s and cat fencing. However, some renters feel they are unable to use cat containment systems. Landlords may refuse the addition to the property or tenants might feel they cannot invest money into the cat fencing in case they need to move.

ProtectaPet cat containment systems work perfectly with all properties, including rented homes. The cat containment systems can be moved from home to home, perfect for those that usually have short term tenancy agreements, or anyone concerned about investing in a property they don’t own. Furthermore, landlords can rest assure that the cat containment system will not leave damage to the property. Any holes can be quickly and easily filled in.

If you are a landlord or a tenant and you want to learn more about renting homes with cats, please visit Cats Protection for more information. Our team are also available to discuss your requirements and concerns. 

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