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Cats and Fireworks

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Cats hate fireworks. Many humans hate fireworks too and we know exactly what they are for, expect them and yet still they can cause stress and alarm, so imagine how cats feel! It’s easy to understand why cats can get alarmed when the fizzes, whizzes and bangs start. Each year, some cats get so scared they run away and often many get lost and sadly, don’t make it home. Today we have a few extra tips on how to protect your pet and keep them happy during firework season.

6 Ways to Keep Your Cats Calm

1.Keep your cat inside once it gets dark. This should be done for all cats, even those with cat fencing or any form of cat containment system outdoors.

2.Close the windows, doors and the curtains. This helps to muffle the noise and the flashing lights. Remind all the family members to be vigilant and not allow the cat to escape.

3.Make sure they have access to a litter tray (especially important to remember if you have a cat that usually uses the outdoors)

4.Put on the television or the radio and watch the usual television shows or listen to music that your cats are used to hearing. There are also cat music playlists and videos available on YouTube and various music streaming services, such as Spotify.

5.Add an extra, comfortable and cosy place for your cat to escape to and feel safe and sound. A blanket in a cardboard box with a cut out door can make all the difference!

6.Use a calming diffuser such as Feliway.

Cats Protection Video

Here’s a quick video from Cats Protection, great to share with your children to help them understand how they can help the family pet during this stressful time.

​Tips to Help Stop Your Cat Hunting

Cats hunt, it’s what they do. For the regular home owner or tenant, hunting cats can be an inconvenience. No one enjoys waking up to find a live animal loose in the home, or a deceased one on the carpet. Furthermore, cats are blamed for the decline in certain species. In general, domestic cat owners look for ways to [...]

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​Police Solve the Croydon Cat Killer Case

The Croydon Cat Killer mystery has been solved by the Metropolitan Police. The investigators now believe that foxes are to be blamed for the death of hundreds of cats and other animals that were discovered bludgeoned, mutilated and decapitated around the UK. SNARL do not agree with the outcome of the investigation.There is also a petition signed by almost 20,000 [...]

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​How to Stimulate Your Contained Kitty

As indoor and contained cats are becoming common in the UK, we thought we’d share a few tips on how to keep them stimulated. A bored kitty can lead to stress and unhappiness, even poor health. There’s absolutely no reason for an indoor cat or a cat with contained access to the outdoors not to have a fulfilled, happy [...]

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Can I Adopt an Indoor Only Cat from a Shelter?

Many cat charities and shelters are reluctant to home a cat with a family unless the cat has outside access. This was certainly true in the past, but times are changing some and the UK is adapting to the idea of indoor only cats. In fact, many cat owners now prefer their cats protected from the dangers that come [...]

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​5 Risks for Outdoor cats

There are plenty of reasons why cat owners choose to allow their cats outdoor access. Cats love the freedom and they have plenty of behaviours that benefit from outdoor life. That being said, there are a lot of dangers that come with outdoor life. Today, we’re sharing 5 risks, many of which were mentioned by cat owners in the [...]

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​Does My Cat Have Allergies?

The warmer weather is here (on and off) and already some people are beginning to struggle with hay fever. Cats can have allergies too, but unlike us humans, they aren’t able to tell us about their suffering or pop to Boots to buy some allergy medicines. It’s down to cat owners to look out for the symptoms and to [...]

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​Should I Keep My Cat Indoors?

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home recently shared some excellent advice on how to create the best possible environment for your cat. When cats aren’t sleeping, they love to be off exploring the great outdoors. It can be difficult knowing what is best for your cat when it comes to their safety and their wellbeing, which is best, outdoors verses [...]

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​Cat Poisonings Make the Headlines Again

An investigation is taking place in Cilgerran, a small village in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The RSPCA stepped in when three cats needed to be put to sleep by vets after suffering from acute kidney failure. Their sudden kidney failure is a sign of poisoning and antifreeze is suspected in all cases.The RSPCA has appealed for information after a fourth [...]

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​I Feel Guilty for Keeping My Cat Indoors

More and more cat owners are now keeping their beloved feline friends indoors. There are many reasons for making this choice, but still cat owners are feeling guilty and essentially feel like they are depriving their cat from a full life. But should you feel guilty?Let’s take a look at the common reasons for choosing to have an indoor [...]

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