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5 Ways to Minimise the Risks to Outdoor Cats

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Many cat owners no longer feel the outside world is safe enough for their pets. There are risks for outdoor cats and as a result some feline pets are kept indoors for their entire life. While indoor cats can live extremely happy lives there are ways of allowing your cat access to the outside world that can reduce, and in some cases eliminate the outdoor risks. 

Check out our infographic below for our five useful tips on how to minimise the risks to outdoor cats.

1.Always get your cats microchipped (and your dogs and rabbits too!). Some cats love to explore large areas, others are too friendly and may end up at another house and sometimes cats just get lost or trapped. A microchip increases the chances of you and your pet being reunited.

2.Don’t let your cat outside at night time. Reduce the risk of road accidents and extensive exploration by ensuring your pet spends each night in your home.

3.Use a cat enclosure. The enclosure secures all or a section of your outdoor space, allowing your cat access to the outdoors without exposing them to risks.

4.An outdoor toilet or indoor litter tray will be useful as your cats don’t have to go and look for a suitable place to do their business.

5.Create a feeding schedule and keep to it. Ideally the schedule should match the heavy traffic times in your area. Call your cat in for food for the morning and afternoon rush.

Do you have any tips on how to reduce the risks for outdoor cats? We’d love to hear them. Come and share your advice on the ProtectaPet Facebook Page.

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