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​5 Facts About Birman Cats

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The first things you’ll probably notice about the Birman breed is the beautiful silky coat, curious blue eyes and fluffy tail. Birman cats are beautiful, but you can say that about all cats. What is it that makes Birmans unique? Let’s look at some of the facts about Birmans to find out.

Birmans Make the Best Friends

If you want a cat that will show affection to you and allow for plenty of pampering, then you can’t go wrong with the Birman breed. These are very relaxed and friendly cats, making them the best friend you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t be surprised to have your Birman follow you around as you walk through the home or tend to your garden. They are interested, and they love to have your company as much as you love theirs.

No One Knows Where the Breed is From

The origin story for this breed is focused upon their loyalty. The legend says that all Birmans are descended from a temple cat that lived with a priest in Burma. When the priest was attacked by thieves, his loyal cat stayed by his side to keep him company until he took his last breath. One the priest had past, the cat was transformed, gaining golden tinted fur and deep blue eyes.

This is a wonderful tale, but the truth is, no one knows where the breed originates or when and how it arrived in Europe.

All Kittens Come in White

Each and every Birman kitten is born white. It can take a couple of weeks before their colour begins to show. They don’t reach full development until they are 2 years old and they have an average lifespan of 15 years.

Luscious Fur

Birmans have semi longhair coats and are commonly cream with 20 different colourpoints. The colourpoints include the seal-point, lilac, cream or red along with blue or chocolate. All Birmans have the oh so cute white socks and gloves, impossible to overlook. Tabby and tortie Birmans have been introduced and more colours may arrive soon.

Compulsive Behaviour isn’t Uncommon in the Breed

One of the stranger behaviours that are sometimes experienced with the breed (along with Siamese cats) is the compulsion to suck and chew things, and even swallowing them. No one knows why this is, but it is a behaviour that owners need to be aware of and watch out for. Cat fencing or catios can help to stop Birmans from getting access to items that may put them at risk when exploring the outdoors.

It is important to do your research before buying any cat or cat breed. Always visit the kitten before committing and make sure you see the mum and ideally the dad too, although the stud might not always be possible. Pick a kitten that is well socialised with people and animals and check that they are clean, alert and friendly.

Do you have a Birman? Come and show us over on the ProtectaPet Facebook page and brighten up our day. 

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