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​Do Cats Prefer Real or Fake Christmas Trees?

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It’s almost time to get the Christmas decorations up and for many this Christmas will a first as a proud cat parent. The festive period is a lot of fun, especially with cats in the house. All those extra things to attack, prowl and pounce on. There are a few risks worth knowing about, but in general the home will generally become a lot more interesting. Here are a few things to be aware of.

Real or Fake Christmas Tree

A real tree will have a few dangers as some species are toxic to cats. Cats can experience vomiting, nausea and itchy or rashes on the skin. The toxicity level in a pine Christmas tree is very mild, but still present so pay attention to what your cat is up to and keep her away from the tree if you buy a real one.

Don’t Drink the Water

Cats might want to drink the water out of the pot that your tree is sat in. Don’t let it as this can lead to problems mentioned above. You can also buy tree preservatives to place in the water. We advise against this as these chemicals are highly toxic to all pets. Keep the pot covered and sweep up any fallen pine needles as soon as they drop. Pine oil and cats do not mix.

Dangers of Fake Trees

Fake trees aren’t 100% safe either. Cats often try and climb the tree, which can lead to injuries especially if the tree topples over. More worryingly, the Christmas lights can result in electrocution, especially if the wire is chewed.

Tinsel Can Cause Blockages

Tinel is pretty and cats would love to chase and chew it, but you should make sure they don’t. If ingested, tinsel can lead to blocked intestines. Think about alternative decorations, such as those made from recyclable paper, twine and ribbon.

3 Christmas Decoration Safety Tips

1.Secure your tree using fishing line to stop it from falling over if your cat does attempt to climb it.

2.If you use glass or delicate ornaments on the tree position them at the top and only if you’re securing the tree using wire. Broken ornaments can easily cause cuts to cat paws and curious noses.

3.Never leave any candles unattended as it can lead to burns.

Cats are often as keen on Christmas as we are. Come and share your Christmas cat photos with us over on our Facebook page. 

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