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​Suspected Cat Poisonings Take the Lives of Four Cats in Derbyshire

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Tragic news from Derbyshire this week. Four cats have been killed by suspected poisoning, dying within four days of each other. All the cats lived on the same street, all becoming ill between the dates of July 9th and July 12th, 2020. Each of the cats, with ages ranging between one and 12, either died after ingesting the poison or had to be put to sleep by the vets.

Antifreeze Placed on Purpose

The poison is believed to be antifreeze, which the RSPCA suspect was placed out on purpose. Speaking on behalf of the RPSCA, Deputy Chief inspector Beth Boyd said that the cats like the smell and the taste of antifreeze and sadly that even the smallest amount can result in death when consumed by cats.

Antifreeze is not required at this time of year, which is why the RSPCA think that the chemical was put out with the intention of causing harm to the cats. Poisoning cats is an illegal offence as well as causing cats intentional harm. If prosecuted, the person behind the poisonings will face up to six months behind bars and/or a £1000 fine.

Antifreeze is deadly to cats and other animals. This is why we usually publish an article during the colder months warning of the dangers. All antifreeze should be locked away throughout the year and any spills must be cleaned up immediately. Sadly, most antifreeze products do smell and taste good, which is one of the reasons it’s so important to be careful, not only for your cats, but for others in the neighbourhood. We also recommend that all cat owners speak to their neighbours to make sure everyone knows of the dangers to cats and other animals. Please remember to share this information with friends, family and your neighbours.

Reduce the Risk and Protect Your Cats

Cat fences help to reduce risks such as poisonings. We are now getting used to our new normal, with cat fencing installations taking place with social distancing. We are on hand to chat if you have any questions regarding any of our cat containment systems, ranging from cat fences to complete cat enclosures and catios. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding any of our products. 

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