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Cat Enclosures

Cat Enclosure by ProtectaPet®

The ProtectaPet® Cat Enclosure can be used to create a cat safe haven where your existing boundary is unsuitable for fencetop brackets, or if you wish to partition your grounds for your cats.

The ProtectaPet® Free Standing Cat Enclosure is a flexible cat containment system: no matter how big or small your garden, whether turf or patio, we have modular components to suit. Mesh type, roof type, number and size of gates and size of the enclosure can all be customised to your needs.

Where there is soft ground (eg. turf), use our Ground Spike; where there is hard ground (eg. patio, tarmac or paving), use our Bolt Down Plate. Both fixtures push-fit into the Steel Cat Enclosure Posts using patented Cruci-Lock™ technology. The Freestanding Cat Enclosure Posts are positioned every three metres around the cat containment area and linked with mesh. We use Steel Welded Mesh for the lower 60cm of the enclosure fencing which protects against wildlife damage. The High Tensile Plastic Mesh, which is UV stable and low visual impact, is used along the top section of the enclosure and secured in corners using a brace, or on intermediate posts, using mesh clips. The cat enclosure features ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets along the top of the freestanding cat fencing.

For access, you can choose either a Single ProtectaPet® Cat Gate or a Double ProtectaPet® Cat Gate, which both feature an 'animal proof' magnetic latch with lock and key. Customisation includes a 'cat-lock' gate which prevents cats from slipping between your legs on exit and entry.

In smaller outdoor spaces, on patios, or in cases where the client requires high security, there is the option to build a sealed mesh roof cat enclosure. This system uses additional ProtectaPet® modular components to construct a fully steel framed cat enclosure which supports a mesh roof (up to a maximum height of 2.4 metres and width of 4 metres). These steel framed Catios are currently available through our installation service as they are made to order and can be customised to the appropriate size and shape of your patio or outdoor area.


Our cat enclosure features ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets along the top of the freestanding cat fencing. Because our cat enclosures are open roofed, they can be built over large expanses of land. If your preference is a fully meshed roof cat run, take a look at our catios. If you are looking at professional cat fencing, take a look at our commercial projects.

ProtectaPet® Cat Enclosure components are available for DIY fitting in our Online Shop - if this is your preference check out our DIY Buying Guide, video tutorials and product manuals in How to Guides. Alternatively, our Expert Installation Team can fit this system for you.

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