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Cat Fence

Fencetop Cat Barrier & Cat Fence by ProtectaPet®

ProtectaPet Fence Top System

Cat Fence Brackets by ProtectaPet® offer a neat solution to cat safety within your garden. Our modular cat fence systems cater for variable boundary heights and types, including brick, concrete and wooden fence panels.

The ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Barrier can be fitted to sturdy boundaries that are 90cm (3 foot) or taller. ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets are attached at intervals around the garden (generally to each fence post or every 1.8 metres (6 foot) and linked via high tensile polypropylene mesh, creating a cat barrier. The 70cm (2 foot) overhang of our cat fence bracket features the 'Bengal Bend', an innovation for cats with high levels of strength and agility.

The ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Barrier is designed with versatility in mind: for fences 1.8 metres (6 foot) and taller, use our Standard ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets; for fences 1.5 metres - 1.8 metres (5-6 foot) tall, use ProtectaPet® Extra Long Cat Fence Brackets; for fences between 90cm - 1.5 metres (3-5 foot) tall, use ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Extension. The Cat Fence Brackets can be attached to wooden or concrete fence posts. Where there is privet hedge or no existing boundary, ProtectaPet® Freestanding Cat Enclosure Fencing can be used.

On existing gates over 1.8 metres (6 foot) tall, we suggest attaching Cat Fence Brackets and mesh to a horizontal baton above the gate. The same fence top system can also be used on sheds, arbors and trees.

Our design protected ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets are the result of seven years of development: they are lasercut from 6mm (1/4 inch) high grade steel for strength and durability and powder coated black for maximum protection against corrosion. Our cat mesh is the optimum gauge for safety and fine enough that the mesh has minimal visual impact upon the aesthetics of your garden. Our Cat Fence designs are British and are manufactured in the UK to ensure consistent quality. As an assurance of our quality, the inverted cat brackets carry our logo and you are protected by our peace of mind guarantee.

ProtectaPet Cat Fencetop Bracket Bengal and Oriental Tested
Standard Cat Fence Barrier (6ft+)
ProtectaPet Extra Long Cat Proof Fence Bracket
Extra Long Cat Fence Barrier (5ft+)
ProtectaPet Extended Post Cat Proof Fence Bracket
Cat Fence Extension Barrier (3ft+)
Cat Proof Gate
Gate Cat Proofing
Cat Proof Shed
Shed Cat Proofing
Cat Proof Tree with Bengal
Tree Cat Proofing

ProtectaPet® Cat Fencetop System Kits and components are available for DIY fitting in our Online Shop - if this is your preference check out our DIY Buying Guide, and our video tutorials and product manuals in How to Guides. Alternatively, our Expert Installation Team can fit this system for you. Contact us for a consultation.

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