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5 Facts About Bengals

Many of our customers have Bengals and lots of our fans on Facebook and Twitter are fans of the breed. There’s no escaping the majesty of this exotic breed but there’s more to these cats than just good looks. Here are five facts you might not know about Bengals.

Bengal in Catio

Bengals Aren’t Lap Cats

Unlike Ragdolls, Bengals are not ones that love nothing more than to be picked up and stroked for hours on end. Bengals can be quite mischievous and they love to play. They’re certainly not the best breed for first time cat owners because they are quite demanding. They love to play, they benefit from having a playmate and they need lots of toys and entertainment to keep their intelligent brains occupied.

Bengals are Hard to Ignore

Bengal cats have a good set of lungs and they love to be vocal. You’ll be told if they’re hungry, if they’re not happy with the state of their litter tray or anything else that might not be pleasing them. They can be quite fussy and they are not shy in conveying their feelings through meows.

Bengals Form Close Bonds

While they are vocal and love to play, Bengals are very affectionate. Playing with your cat will help to form a close bond but don’t be surprised if they select one of the family to form an extra special friendship with.

Bengals Aren’t Extra Aggressive

Many people think Bengals are more aggressive than other breeds, but this is false. Bengals are the same as other domestic breeds. They need to be socialised from a young age in just the same way as other cats to avoid behavioural problems.

Bengals Can Get Feline Leukaemia

an Get Feline A common myth that surrounds Bengals is that they are immune to Feline Leukaemia, which isn’t true. They can get Feline Leukaemia and they should be immunised just like other breeds of domestic cats.

Do you have a Bengal? Share your photos with us on our Facebook page and let us know about their individual personality traits.