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5 Reasons to Love Black Cats

Last month we celebrated National Black Cat Day along with the rest of the UK. The aim of National Black Cat Day is to recognise that black cats are beautiful and that there are many that need rehoming. You see, black cats have a harder time than other cats when it comes to finding new owners. In fact, it took black cats 13% longer than all other cats to find homes in 2017. Sad isn’t it?

Black cats deserve all year-round awareness, and here are 5 reasons why.

Black Cats aren’t Scary!

It’s hard to believe but there are people out there, even cat loving people, that consider black cats to be scary. Black cats are, nothing to fear and they don’t bring bad luck. Like other cats, they have a wide range of personalities that go way beyond old superstitions. This is the 21st century, we know better than to believe old wives’ tales.

They Have Love to Give

Cats love to enjoy warm cuddles, especially in weather like we’re enjoying at the moment. If you want a hot water bottle that loves you back, we can’t recommend a black cat enough. There are many black cats waiting to find a warm lap just like yours. Contact your local rescue centre or Cat Protection for more information.

The Perfect Play Time Companion

Black cats love to play with toys, cardboard boxes, bits of tube, fluff on the floor, you name it, they will find the fun in it. The addition of a black cat can add more laughter and smiles into the home. How can you resist such a prospect?

They Enjoy Posing for Photos

Instagram addicts be warned, those selfies and food shots will be replaced by gorgeous black cat photos. Black cats know their own worth. They know they are beautiful and handsome creatures, so you can be assured of a frequent model. If you enjoy taking photos a black cat will enjoy posing for you and become your muse.

Black Cats are Perfect Companions

There are so many black cats that are waiting to find their perfect owners. They want companions, they want a family to call their own. If your family would benefit from a brand-new addition we recommend considering a black cat.