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5 Ways To Exercise Your Indoor Cat

A little bit of exercise will help even the laziest indoor cat to remain healthy and maintain a good weight. Without exercise an indoor cat can quickly put on a few extra pounds and end up emulating Garfield, the lasagne loving puss from the cartoons. Obesity in cats is unhealthy and can lead to all sorts of health problems and even serious diseases. The problem is, not all cats feel the urge to get up and be active, especially if they are stuck indoors are have limited access to the outdoors. Here are a few ways to help motivate your kitty and ensure he remains healthy and strong well into old age.

Cat Towers

Cat towers are fantastic for use in the home. Having a couple positioned in different rooms will encourage climbing, stretching, jumping and scratching too. The cat towers entice even the laziest cats to do a bit of climbing to reach the best position in the house, perfect for an afternoon snooze or to keep a protective eye over the goings on in the home.

Cat Fencing

Fresh air is great for cats but not all cats are able to free roam safely in their neighbourhood. Cat fencing makes it possible for cat owners to secure their garden, keeping the cats safe while restricting their access to the outdoors. Allowing some access to the outdoors provides extra space and opportunities to exercise in a natural way, chasing butterflies, leaves and running around in the grass.

Cat Shelves

Cat shelves add new areas for your cat to climb, explore (and sleep) outside. The cat shelves are ideal to use with cat containment systems such as cat fencing and catios. The cat can jump, leap and run over the shelves, helping to work their muscles and keep them in excellent condition.

Cat Scratch Post

Rotate the Toys

Cat toys are a fun way of encouraging activity in cats. Invest in a few cheap toys but keep your cats interest by rotating them throughout the month. Try all sorts of different cat toys and learn the type that your cats enjoy the most.

Obstacle Courses

Create interesting obstacle courses in your home and try to teach a few agility exercises to your cat. Place cushions, boxes, cat activity centres and tunnels in the room and entice your cat to investigate them using cat toys such as wands, treats, or simply leave them to explore the obstacles themselves.

Do you have any tips to encourage exercising for indoor cats? Come and share your ideas with us on the ProtectaPet Facebook page.