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Cat Fencing for Maine Coons

The majestic Maine Coon is one of the most recognisable breeds in the World. Bred to be big and strong to hunt vermin, this cat breed is referred to as being the dog of the cat world, and it's easy to see why!

Although they are the biggest of the domestic cats recognised by GCCF, their sweet nature makes them extremely loyal companions, and they are also known as 'gentle giants'.

It's not surprise that this breed has grown in popularity in recent years, however as Maine Coons possess strength and admiration, cat owners have to think twice about keeping this beautiful breed protected and safe. 

ProtectaPet have developed a range of cat containment products, with the first ever prototype designed for a Maine Coon! The protection of large and strong breeds is integral to ProtectaPet systems. 

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Hear What Fellow Maine Coon Owners Have To Say:

(All reviews can be found on our Trustpilot page, click here for more!)

"We have just had the Protectapet fencing installed in our enclosed back garden. We are on a slight hill so it wasn't the easiest of jobs! Dave and his team reassessed the work on arrival and decided on a couple of changes in height to the original plan to ensure our Maine Coon cat would be safe. In just three hours it was all done and the boys walked me around what they had done and advised me on care, maintenance and safety. They had even found a gap under a fence that we hadn't noticed and put extra strong mesh there. Our cat went straight out and, as expected, tried every section of the fence to try and get out but he couldn't! Now we can relax and enjoy our garden, with our patio doors open and know that our lovely cat is safe and happy to explore his garden. I would very definitely recommend Protectapet. Not the cheapest but very definitely the best!"



"Excellent service and system - I have peace of mind finally :) After careful thoughts on how to keep my Maine Coons safe I contacted ProtectaPet. I am delighted with the systmem and whilst it is an investment I look at it as an investment for life. When we move I also now we can take the system with us and adapt to the new garden as well :) 5* and some very happy Maine Coons too :)"



"A big thank you to Josh and Mark for their excellent work on installing cat fence barriers. Amazed at how the tree barrier is so secure. Two very happy Maine Coons kittens are now in the garden and exploring a whole new world outside. Very impressed with the whole process from start to finish, guided by a very patient and helpful Lucy. I would recommend this product to anyone who puts cats safety and well-being at the top of their list."



ProtectaPet Fencing Brackets

  • Designed and Manufactured in Britain
  • Patented technology and optimum aesthetics
  • Minimal maintenance and long life in use with black gloss powdercoat
  • Bengal Bend on the 70cm overhang
  • ProtectaPet® logo as a marque of quality

ProtectaPet Cat Mesh 

  • Exclusively manufactured for ProtectaPet, our mesh has been designed specifically for keeping cats in safe outdoor territories
  • UV stable polypropylene with high tensile strength for longevity
  • Designed to flex to create instability if your Maine Coon attempts to climb it
  • Unobtrusive
  • Superior quality designed specifically for cat safety 

Keep your Maine Coon cat safe with a ProtectaPet Cat Fence Barrier Kit!



Case Study: Lawrence shows us his ProtectaPet Catio