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Cat Poisonings Make the Headlines Again

An investigation is taking place in Cilgerran, a small village in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The RSPCA stepped in when three cats needed to be put to sleep by vets after suffering from acute kidney failure. Their sudden kidney failure is a sign of poisoning and antifreeze is suspected in all cases.

The RSPCA has appealed for information after a fourth cat was discovered dead on Thursday 27 June 2017. The deaths of the cats come after many months of residents reporting their cats missing. Katina Andreou informed a reported at the Tivy-Side Advertiser that one of her cats has died and she’s now fearful of letting her remaining cat outdoors. After seeing many signs and sharing posts regarding missing cats in the area, Ms Andreou’s cat went missing on June 16. Mr Mistoffelees was found dead on June 29. She went on to say that the missing cats and the poisoning incidents were all within a 10 minute walking radius of her home and she is now keeping her other cat indoors at all times. Ms Andreou is working to help the RSPCA with their investigation.

Holly Brown from the RSPCA said that at the moment they’re unsure if the poisonings are deliberate or accidental. Anyone with information is being urged to get in touch with the RSPCA. The locals are reminded to be extremely vigilant at this time.

Keeping Cats Indoors

Outdoor cats can find becoming an indoor only cat extremely difficult. Here are a few tips on helping your pet with the transition.

  • Make the indoors a lot more exciting for your cat. Place furniture, activity centres and sturdy shelving at different heights. Make sure all the different levels are secure and able to cope with your cat interacting with them.
  • Litter train your cat. Your cat was most likely trained to use a litter tray as a kitten. Reintroduce the litter tray, providing a quiet, private place that can be reached 24/7. If your cat has never used a litter tray you may need to use soil instead of cat litter for the time being. Slowly replace the soil for the litter once your cat gets used to using the box.
  • Add a few scratching posts throughout the house.
  • Create a couple of comfortable, safe and enticing areas where you cat will enjoy seeking solace.
  • Get used to keeping doors and windows closed. Try not to tease your cat with hopes of escape.
  • Play with your cat and spend more time ensuring they get exercise – providing they’re in the mood.
  • Consider a cat containment system that allows cats’ safe and contained access to the outdoors while keeping them protected from risks.