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Cats and Bonfire Night – How to Keep Them Safe

Last week we discussed Halloween, this week we’re concentrating on Bonfire Night, two of the most stressful nights of the year for cats. Here are a few Bonfire Night safety tips to help keep your cats calm and content throughout the several days that Bonfire Night spreads over.

Check Microchip Data

If your cat can roam free (and even if they’re not) we recommend ensuring all the data help on your cats’ microchip is up to date. If you’ve changed your phone number or moved to a new house, we highly recommend you update the information to ensure your cat can be returned to you if they run and hide in fright due to the sound of the fireworks. This is also a great time to get your cats microchipped if they’re not already.

Create a Cosy Environment

Close the curtains and create ‘safe zones’ in the home for your cat to escape to. Place a blanket in a box and position it somewhere quiet and warm. Put the television on and get cosy but then carry on as normal. You want your cat to feel as if everything is as it always is to avoid distress.

5 Easy Tips for All Cat Owners

  • 1.Make sure all cats are inside before it gets dark outside. This is the same for all cats, whether they are outdoor cats or have a cat enclosure or fencing.
  • 2.Close the cat flap or block it off. Let the family know the cat needs to stay indoors for the rest of the night and to be careful when exiting and entering the home.
  • 3.Play the usual house sounds, be that music, radio, television or just conversations. This can help block the different noises from outside.
  • 4.Let your cat decide whether they want to interact or be left alone in a quite place.
  • 5.Have a favourite treat to hand for further distraction if required.

One final tip is to try not to leave your cats home alone on Bonfire Night or until the fireworks have ended in your area. Having the additional company is a great way to reassure your pet that all is well.

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