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Famous Cats Of The World

For thousands of years, cats have maintained many different types of relationships and bonds with humans all across the world. Within this time, ancient and modern, there have been certain famous felines that attract large amounts of fame, attention and publicity for all different reasons! 

Please enjoy our selection of our favourite famous cats!  

Nala - The World’s Most Followed Cat 

Picture of Nala
Photo Credit: Reader's Digest 

Meet the Queen of feline social media, the gorgeous Nala holds the Guinness World Record for having the largest social media following for a cat on Instagram in the whole world! Nala’s Instagram journey began in 2012 and she now boasts a staggering 4.5 million follower count! 

Nala was rescued from a shelter by Varisiri Mathachittiphan, and since they first laid eyes on each other, they have been the best of companions.

Nala is a stunning tabby/siamese mix with a striking pair of ocean blue eyes, and due to her popularity, has been referred to as the ‘Kim Kardashian’ of cats. 

Ernest Hemingway’s Cats 

Hemingway with one of his precious cats
Photo Credit: Key West Florida Weekly

Whilst on his travels, Hemingway was given a six-toed kitten (Polydactyl) named Snow White. This cat was the first of many that Hemingway homed on the island of Key West in Florida, where the Hemingway House is still standing and open to visitors.

Earnest Hemingway began breeding cats with Snow White the polydactyl, and to this day the island is home to many cats, some of which are direct descendants of the original Snow White! 

Scarlett - Cat hero who saved her kittens from a fire in NYC

NYC's feline hero relaxing in her home
Photo Credit: Key West Florida Weekly

The story of Scarlett is like one out of a film! She rose to fame when she was seen rescuing her litter of kittens from a building fire in New York City. Scarlett and her litter were stray cats, living in absolute squalor before the fire took place. One of the firefighters noticed Scarlett carrying her kittens away from the fire, one at a time. In the process of all of this, she was badly burned herself and suffered nasty injuries. 

Sadly, one of her kittens did not survive the after effects of the fire and unfortunately passed away a month later. However, Scarlett and the rest of her kittens eventually found their adoptive owners and went on to live very nice lives. 

Scarlett gained international recognition for her heroic acts of bravery, it is said that after the event took place, she and her litter of kittens had over 7,000 offers for adoption. There is even an award named after Scarlett, ‘The Scarlett Award for Animal Heroism’, which is given to an animal or human who have demonstrated tremendous courage whilst benefiting others. 

Creme Puff - Oldest cat ever recorded 

The world's oldest cat
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

At the time of her death, Creme Puff was the oldest cat to ever live. At a whopping 38 years and 3 days, Creme Puff lived the fullest of lives with her owner Jake Perry of Austin, Texas in the United States. She was born on August 3rd, 1967 and passed away on August 6th, 2005!

According to her owner, he would give Creme Puff bacon, eggs, asparagus, broccoli and coffee with cream! On every other day, she would also be treated to a tiny amount of red wine! Jake Perry said this was key to her longevity!  

Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat - Viral sensation 

Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat, the meme sensation
Photo Credit: Treehugger

Some of you may know him as Tardar Sauce, some of you may know him as Grumpy Cat, others may just know him from the viral meme that still circulates on social media to this day! 

Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat rose to fame in 2012, when a picture of her was posted online and instantly gained international recognition. People thought that Tardar’s face was photoshopped due to her unusual appearance which was caused by Feline Dwarfism and an underbite. 

Since then, Grumpy Cat’s popularity continued to rise and she eventually was a huge global internet star with millions of fans and likes. She was featured on multiple features on the news, television shows and even had films made about her. 

Ta-Miu - Ancient companion in Egypt 

The sarcophagus of the ancient cat Ta-Miu
Photo Credit: Egypt Museum

It’s widely known that the Egyptians had a huge connection with cats, and Ta-Miu was an ancient cat with a very royal status! Ta-Miu is known as being the personal pet to Prince Thutmose of Egypt, who loved Ta-Miu so much that he had her mummified and then buried in a limestone sarcophagus. The sarcophagus can be found in the Egyptian Museum in the capital city of Egypt, Cairo. The art on the sarcophagus depicts Ta-Miu being offered many nice and thoughtful items for the afterlife. This shows how much the Prince loved her! 

Orangey - The Feline Hollywood Star 

Orangey and Audrey Hepburn on the set of Breakfast at Tiffany's!
Photo Credit: Filmmaker Magazine 

Move aside Marilyn! Orangey was the cat’s name on everybody’s lips! He is most known for being a part of the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn. He appeared in numerous films throughout the 50s and 60s and also made several TV appearances on shows such as The Dick Van Dyke Show and Shirley Temple’s Storybook! 

Orangey was a gorgeous marmalade tabby cat who had special training for the screen. During his working career, he was one of the most sought after on screen animals! He actually developed a reputation for being a bit of a diva! We love it! 

Orangey is the recipient of two PATSY Awards! Which is the feline equivalent of the Oscars! He has truly stamped his legacy into the golden age of Hollywood. His resting place is in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills. His legacy will remain for a long time to come!