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Fascinating Cat Facts for Cat Fans

Cats are amazing, we’re pretty sure you’re already aware of how incredible they are. Cats make excellent companions, they’re happy to become part of the family (on their own terms) and provide so much happiness. Being a cat fan is a natural thing, if you love cats you’re going to love them even more after learning more about these fantastic felines. Here are 5 fun facts to share with your children and friends.

    1. Owning a cat can be excellent for your health. Reduce the risk of a heart attack or a stroke by a third by having a cat in the family. Having a cat reduces stress and anxiety, which in turn helps to reduce high blood pressure and reducing the heart rate. Researchers studied just under 4,435 of adults between the ages of 30 and 70, about half were cat owners.

    2. Cats purr for several reasons. It is believed that cats can self heal by purring, which has a frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz. This is the healing frequency where bones and muscles grow and repair themselves. The purr is also used for pleasure and to indicate pain or nervousness. What’s more, cats have a special purr for their humans, to encourage them to feed their purrfect pet.

    3. Cat brains and human brains are surprisingly similar. Cats and humans both have near identical sections that are in charge of emotions and the entire brain is around 90% the same as ours. Talking of cat brain power, they have stronger long-term memories compared with dogs and remember longer when learning by doing and not seeing.

    4. Cats are super flexible and limber. They have a clavicle bone that free floats, making it possible to squeeze through small spaces. They can also leap up to six time their own length. Therefore, we take extra special care producing suitable cat fencing and cat containment systems that can stop kitties from escaping gardens

    5. The oldest breed of cat is the Egyptian Mau – Mau is also the Egyptian word for cat. In Egypt, the killing of cats was banned (around 3000 BC) and they were mourned and mummified when they passed away. One of the main reasons for the total ban on killing cats was because of their rodent killing ‘service’.

    We hope you enjoyed these fun facts that further prove why cats are worthy of our appreciation and love. Do you have any interesting cat facts? Come and share them with us over on our Facebook page.