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Gardening with Cats During Lockdown

Many of the UK’s gardens are looking better than ever, one of the small perks that have come with the lockdown. People have had more time on their hands than usual. That and the addition of some incredible spring weather has resulted in many households giving their gardens attention and time. If you’re beginning to join the gardening craze, made slightly easier thanks to the reopening of garden centres, here are some tips on how to create a cat friendly garden and keep them safe at the same time.

Know Your Seeds

Many seeds are toxic to humans and pets such as cats and dogs. Take the time to read the back of the seed packets or bulb packs to learn more about what you have in your hands. Keep all seeds and bulbs out of reach of your pets and be particularly careful when planting or soaking in water overnight.

Toxic Plants

There are so many plants that are toxic to cats. We have a whole blog dedicated to this titled ‘plants that are toxic to cats’, which you can read by clicking that link. Check through your current garden to make sure it’s safe and remember to check the list before you buy new seeds or plants for your garden. If your neighbours have any toxic plants, you can protect your cat by installing cat fencing or a cat enclosure to ensure your cat doesn’t accidently get poisoned. Further information is available on the International Cat Care website.

Design with Your Cat in Mind

When you design a new layout try to provide your cat with an environment that they will adore and love to explore. Cats love to find shade, to sunbathe, to get up high and discover sheltered hiding spots. Plant cat friendly grasses alongside slabs, install cat shelves on walls and use trees and other plants to provide cover and climbing opportunities. Cat fences can be easily designed to fit around trees, sheds, and other obstacles, just give us a call if you need advice on how to DIY your own cat fence to ensure your cat cannot escape.

Weed Killers and Slug Pellets

Weeds and slugs can cause gardeners huge problems. Killing them with weed killer and slug pellets are common, but these chemicals are often lethal to pets if consumed. We recommend looking for natural ways of eradicating slugs and weeds. When this isn’t possible, ensure you lock away your pets during and after treatment and lock away all chemicals so they can’t be accessed.

Read our article for further tips on creating a cat friendly garden by Dr Lauren Finka. We hope you find the inspiration you’re looking for. Don’t forget to share your photos of cats enjoying their outdoor spaces (or indoor greenery) with us over on the ProtectaPet Facebook page.