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How Do I Cat Proof My House?

Adopting a cat? Whether it’s your first time as a cat owner or a seasoned pro, there are always a few steps to take to cat proof the house. The home will be new, scary and there are likely to be a few dangers that you have missed or not even thought about. The following actions will help you to provide your new cat, young or old, with a safe environment to investigate and claim as their own.

Pick a Cat Room

It’s a good idea to have an area that you’d like your cat to really claim as home. It could be any room in the home providing it’s safe. Position a bed, any cat toys and activity centres in this room. A soft bed and a cardboard box will do. Cats do like to find high spots so they can survey all the land they own, so it’s worth making sure any ledges such as shelves, mantles, sideboard and cupboards are all secured to the wall (in every room the cat will have access to).

Check Every Room for Breakables

After the initial fear subsides your cat is going to want to explore and get into everything you own, after all, they own it all now too. To avoid any upsets, it’s worth putting away all your valuable items into cabinets and cupboards. Not only will this protect them from the risk of breakages, it also helps to prevent injuries to the cats and anything else that might be below any falling object.

Organise the Wires

Most homes have several areas where the wires are out of control. Next to the entertainment areas and bedsides are common spots. Take the time to organise the wiring as cats, especially kittens, will want to chew on them, risking electrocution at worse, breaking your wires as best. Hide the wiring and use wire covers/protectors for any that are left on display.

Check Your Plants and Flowers (Inside and Out)

Cats love gardens and exploring plant life, but many common plants are toxic to our feline friends. One common plant found in the home are lilies, which are deadly. Check through our list of toxic plants and flower and make sure you remove them from your property. If you see any in your neighbourhood you may wish to prevent you cat from gaining access to them too.

Lock Away Poisons

There are plenty of poisons found in the home that will kill a cat. Secure away all cleaning items, paints, anti-freeze, de-icers, slug pellets and other toxic fluids and solids that cats must be protected from. Always keep them locked away and secure.

Keeping the Cat Indoors

All kittens need to be kept indoors until they have been vaccinated and neutered and microchipped. Many cat owners decide to keep cats inside permanently as there are many risks and hazards to be aware of. Inside cats can lead very happy and content lives but giving a cat access to the outdoors is best. Achieve this by cat proofing the garden with cat fencing or an alternative cat containment system. With cat fencing the cat will be protected from dangers such as road traffic, disease, theft and loss.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as welcoming a new kitty into the family. We hope you enjoy this new adventure and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and share lots of photos of your new cat with us over on our page.