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How to Plan a Safe and Happy Christmas Day for Your Cats

This Christmas is set to be a little different. Vaccinations are beginning to roll out over the UK, but for many of us we will have to wait slightly before we can go back to what is a considered a normal festive celebration. Whether you are a new cat owner or just need some tips on how to keep your cat safe and happy on the big day, check out our guide below.

 Keeping cats happy at Christmas

If your humble abode is the chosen location for up to three households to meet under one roof, text ahead some helpful reminders to guests to make sure there isn’t too much disruption for your cats:

  • If you have indoor cats without cat fencing to secure your outdoor space (for more information, click here) remind your Christmas visitors to not leave doors open.
  • Ask your guests before they arrive to close gates (and toilet seats!) after using them.
  • Remind guests not to feed your kitties any human Christmas food and instead allow them to give a treat if they want to feed them.
  • Let your guests know that due to the increased activity your cat may need some quiet time to themselves, allow them to hide and get used to the additional noises.
  • The smell of antifreeze is very alluring to cats but extremely toxic, so make guests aware to clean up the tiniest of spills.


The kitchen is the centre of all the hustle and bustle on Christmas day and your cats may be intrigued to have a nosey. However, it may be safer for your cats to close the kitchen to avoid any accidents whilst cooking. Where this isn’t possible, be aware of some of these Christmas foods that are toxic to cats.

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Alcohol
  • Turkey bones

*Even if your cat isn’t particularly nervous, the additional people, objects and noise can result in high anxiety and stress for your cat.

  • Ask visitors to give your cats space and interact with them on the cat’s own terms.
  • Create a breakout area for your cats to relax in, such as a quiet room in the house or your garden if there is fencing, an enclosure or catio.

 Cat enjoying their ProtectaPet safe haven

  • Fill the space with fresh water, food, cat litter tray, toys and blankets.
  • Keep to your cars regular feeding and exercise times.

If it’s not possible to create a safe space within your home, why not extend your cats world to the outside and give them safe access to the outdoors with the use of a containment system.

ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets are the result of seven years of development to keep cats contained in the garden. Strong, durable, protected against corrosion, with minimal visual impact.

Our Cat Fence designs are British and are manufactured in the UK to ensure consistent quality. Discover our DIY Kits on our website or contact us for an installation quote.


If you’re going somewhere else for Christmas day, be sure to not leave your cats alone for too long. Co-ordinating a trip back with a designated driver to feed your cats half way through your stay and give them a play will help stop them from being bored and therefore deter them from ruining any of your Christmas decorations for your return home! You can also ask a neighbour to pop in.


Although every gift is meant with the best intention, a swift regifting may be necessary for your cats welfare. Think twice before bringing these Christmas gifts or accessories back into the home:

  • Poinsettias (mildly toxic if ingested)
  • Mistletoe
  • Holly
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps
  • Dangerous cat toys (string, ribbon or yarn should be avoided)
  • Chocolate decoration (tree decorations, coins)
  • Cat dressing up outfits that don’t fit or have loose components
  • Candles without a shield or guard


We hope you have a wonderful Christmas! If you need any advice on keeping your cat happy and safe over the Christmas period please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice.