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Introducing the Cat Gallery

We're a family business and we've been serving the needs of cat lovers worldwide for 17 years. 

Who We Are

We set up The Cat Gallery in 2001. Having struggled to find a "one-stop shop" for quality cat themed merchandise we decided to set up our own! We gave up our jobs as Chartered Accountants, moved 200 miles north to York and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today we have a shop in the centre of York, a busy website and produce a mail order catalogue several times a year.

We are a family business with the owners engaging with customers every day - in the shop, on the phone or via email - often all three!

We'd love you to become a customer too. Why not browse our website


Do we like cats then?

Indeed we do! When we started The Cat Gallery we had two cats called Geoffrey & Ethel (pictured). We rescued them as 2 year olds from a shelter in Essex. Geoffrey was a hugely affectionate cat who lived to be 18. When he passed away, Ethel became Top Cat, even starring in videos as The Cat Gallery embraced social media and YouTube.

Ethel sadly passed away in August 2017 at the grand old age of 21. Like Geoffrey, gone, but very much not forgotten.


So Who are these Cuties?

We lasted only a matter of weeks before we started our search for new fluffies to share our home with. Thanks to our friends at Cat Chat and Leeds Cat Rescue we found brothers, Alfie & Charlie.

Alfie and Charlie were 15 weeks when we rehomed them in September 2017. They are enormous fun and have had a very positive impact on our whole family. They have a very miportant role at The Cat Gallery, sampling the finest feline cuisine, lounging in the warmest, cosiest beds and playing with all the best toys!

We write a Newsletter every couple of weeks and always try to include a little piece on one or other (or both!) cats.


The Best Cat Themed Merchandise

We have a large and loyal following because we go the extra mile to find great gift ideas for cat lovers. We search all over the world and will import products specially if they aren't available in the UK.

Catopoly is a good example of a product that we import directly because it isn't otherwise available outside North America. It's a really fun game!

What About Stuff for My Cat?

We offer a curated collection of great toys and accessories for your feline friends. These range from the world famous Da Bird cat toy to an 8 level activity centre for just £99.

We also offer solutions to cat related problems such as inappropriate scratching, calming your anxious cat, giving your cat a pill and keeping cat hair under control.

Pictured is Easypill which we can give a very strong personal recommendation for. Charlie has been on pills recently and he wolfs them down when wrapped in Easypill!

Are you a Charity?

We're not a Charity, but we do raise money for our "Charities of the Year" each year. In 2017 we helped to raise over £10,000 for Cat Chat, The Cinnamon Trust, The Danaher Rescue Home and Leeds Cat Rescue.

Peter has run a marathon in each of the last few years and will be doing so again in October 2018.

Our Charities for 2018 are International Cat Care (in their 60th Anniversary year) and Cat Chat.