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Is a Pedigree Cat Right for Me?

Only around 10% of cat owners in the UK have a pedigree breed in their home. The rest of the cat owners have either crossbreeds or moggies as pets. All cats are delightful, but here are some things to know about becoming a pedigree cat owner. There are seven basic categories of breeds that contain more than 60 different recognised breeds. The seven categories are Persians, British, Oriental, Siamese, Foreign, Burmese and Semi-Longhair.

There are some advantages to buying a pedigree cat.

  • The breed profile will give you a good idea as to what temperament your pet cat will have
  • You’ll have a good idea how big your cat will get
  • You’ll know about how long the coat will be
  • The breed profile will give you an idea about any common health problems your cat may develop in the future

One of the negatives to consider is the fact that some pedigree cats can be more vulnerable to inherited diseases and behavioural issues caused by generations of in-breeding. You can find out information about the different breeds and their behavioural and health traits by researching the Cat Breed Library. We have some information that you may find useful on the following pages:

Choosing the Right Breeder

If you’re planning on buying a cat from a breeder, it’s important to do your research and not simply choose one that is closest to you or the first one you find advertising kittens. Visit the breeder and check the environment the kitten will be brought up in, the condition of the parents and information regarding medical treatments and vaccinations. Choose a breeder that will bring the kittens up in a social environment that includes children and other animals. You may have to wait for your kitten but it will be worth it in the end. The alternative is to adopt a pedigree cat who is in need of a new home.