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Signed and Sealed: International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats

International Cat Care, a global charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats, has developed the 'International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats' as a landmark in sharing a vision of feline welfare for the future. The document intends to inform and educate governments, organisations and charities, breeders, owners and veterinary professionals. Whether we work with cats or own them, everyone needs to work together to protect them. Here at ProtectaPet we were delighted to be some of the first people to sign this documents as celebrations for iCatCare's 60th anniversary year commence. 

For cats all over the world - unowned and domesticated - life can be tough. Some cats can struggle to survive, leading to physical and emotional suffering. This declaration provides a clear framework for all entities to come together and work collaboratively on improving cat welfare. 

Eve Davies, Communications Director, says, 'International Cat Care lead the way in researching and educating an international community about feline welfare and we are delighted to do anything we can to support their vision for improving the lives of cats across the world now and for the future.'

Claire Bessant, Chief Executive of iCatCare says, "We want to thank everyone who signs the International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats. Your support means a lot to us because we believe the Declaration has an important part to play in making the world a better place for all cats everywhere. We know that there are so many people out there who love cats and work incredibly hard to help them. iCatCare's work aims to bring all those efforts together, to encourage collaboration across governments, local authorities, vets and welfare organisations - and to give front line organisations the tools and expertise they need to make even more of a difference. The challenge is such a big one, and it'll take all our efforts, but together we can create real solutions and a future where all cats are treated with respect, care and compassion. Thank you for signing!"


iCatCare would be delighted to reach out to everyone to read the declaration and sign it if they feel compelled, showing their support for improving the lives of cats. The more signatures that iCatCare collect, the better the demonstration of how much people care about improving the welfare of cats. Sign it here.