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Tips on How to Reduce the Risks for Outdoor Cats

Not everyone is happy to keep cats indoors and one of the main reasons for this is because it goes against their nature to be cooped up inside all day and night. Last week touched upon some of the benefits of allowing cats to go outside but there are still risks out there such as:

  • Loss and theft
  • Poisoning
  • Road traffic
  • Diseases and parasites
  • Fighting

Today we’re going to share some tips on how you can help to reduce the risks to your cats while allowing them to live their lives to the fullest.

  1. Vaccinations really are a must. Cats need to be protected against diseases that can be caught through contact with other cats and animals.
  2. Cats need to be regularly treated with flea, tick and worming medication all year round.
  3. Give your cat a collar and ensure it has your contact details on and also have your cat microchipped.
  4. Keep your cat indoors in the evenings as they can become startled and dazzled by car headlights. Get your cat into the habit of being fed at dusk to make it easier for you to call him in at this time.
  5. Keep cats inside until after the morning rush and at other times of the day when the road is busy.
  6. Neuter both male and female cats to reduce the risk of disease, pregnancy and to stop toms from wandering for miles increasing the chances of getting lost or harmed on the roads.
  7. Install the ProtectaPet system to create a safe yet natural enclosure for your cat. The pet containment system prevents cats from gaining access to roads, reduces the risk of loss, theft, poisonings and fighting.

Contact us today to ask about the ProtectaPet system and discover how easy it is to allow your cat access to the outside world while reducing the risks and your worry.