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Top Tips For Leaving Your Cat Stress Free Whilst You Are Away

Want to book a holiday and need to know your cat will be left in good hands with stress free care?

Nobody wants to worry about the cat(s) whilst they are holidaying, so it is most important to have the best cat care in place for your cat whilst you are away and to plan ahead. Furthermore, have alternative cat care in place should your original cat care plan fall through.

As experienced cat owners, we know only too well you can’t always rely on family, friends and neighbours to look after your cat(s) whilst you are away. 

We understand that a home-care for cats business isn’t for everybody as there is a fair amount of trust involved, but if you research the business properly and follow my top tips on how, your cat should have a stress free time whilst you are away and, in turn, offer peace of mind for you.

My top tip on how to leave your cat(s) happy when you go away is to find a reputable, reliable and trustworthy home-care for cats business or a familiar and trusting relative/friend or neighbour to look after your cat(s). Steps you can take to find a trustworthy home-care for cats business are as follows:

  • Check their credentials are up-to-date and that they are DBS checked. This is a check for a criminal record and will show details if applicable. Although I believe this isn’t a legal requirement for this type of business I most definitely wouldn’t contemplate hiring anyone without one.
  • Look for relevant qualifications and experience in animal welfare and cat care.
  • Visit their social media sites such as facebook and their website and look for genuine and positive testimonials and check the activity is current. Ask to contact one of their customers to speak with them to give you added security.
  • A consultation with the cat care company at your home is the opportunity for you all to meet including your cat(s) prior to your holiday and to raise any queries or concerns you may have. Build a rapport with the business before you go away and only go ahead with the booking if you are happy and feel comfortable with the business and their company ethos.
  • Ask whoever is looking after your cat whilst you are away to send you a text/email and/or picture of your cat(s) as reassurance all is well.

 Another tip for helping to relieve your cat’s stress whilst you are away is to use a calming plug-in diffuser or spray, such as Feliway.

We are Catjoy Pet Services, ( and we offer a quality, bespoke home-care for cats service besides practicing all the above mentioned. To learn more about us, and our services please visit our site and feel free to contact us with any questions. We believe we are a typical example of a genuine home-care for cat’s service you can trust. Good luck with your future holiday/cat plans!