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Two Cats Are Killed After Suspected Air Gun Attack

Two separate families are morning the loss of their beloved cats after suspected air rifle attacks took place in Knebworth. On May 30, the Cox family discovered their pet cat, Ziggy, was distressed and injured on London Road. Ziggy was taken straight to the vets but sadly Ziggy had to be put down due to the extent of his injuries. The vets discovered an air riffle pellet was the cause of his injuries. The second case took place six days earlier on May 24. Leo, the Cox’s neighbour’s cat was killed and both families now believe that both cats were killed by the same person using an air rifle.

The deaths are being investigated by the RSPCA, Cats Protection, and the Hertfordshire Constabulary. In the meanwhile, both families are warning others about the dangers and are hoping to help stop this from happening to other cats.

Outdoor Cat Risks

Many pet owners are aware of the risks that come with allowing cats to have free access to the outdoors. Mr Cox said that cats being killed in road accidents is one of the bargains that ‘you get into when you purchase a pet’. You know it is very difficult, but you are also aware that it is a possible scenario. However, Mr Cox goes on to say that knowing someone is going around killing a domestic pet is an entirely different matter.

Leo’s owners are sharing the concern of the Cox family. Both households are desperate to find out who is behind the killing and see justice is served. Their second concern is to ensure people in Hertfordshire are aware of the situation.

The investigation is moving swiftly as the perpetrator made two mistakes. They have the pellet that was recovered from Ziggy’s body and this can be used as evidence. The second mistake is the peculiarities of both Ziggy and Leos behaviour that makes it possible to determine where the shots would have had to come from.

Do You Have Any Information?

Unfortunately, Ziggy and Leo are not the first cats that have been harmed by air riffle attacks. The attacks are heartless and cruel, and it is awful to read about such stories. If you live in Knebworth and you think you may have some information that will help you can contact the Hertfordshire Constabulary by calling 101 or by going online and visiting