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ProtectaPet Awarded Cat Friendly Award for Feline Welfare

ProtectaPet Receiving Cat Friendly Award

A pet fencing solution, created in 2009 by a couple in response to the loss of their cat in a road traffic accident, has been awarded a Cat Friendly Award by feline charity International Cat Care (iCatCare). The Awards recognise products which have made a significant difference to cat wellbeing. ProtectaPet offers modular fencing solutions for owners who want to give their cats access to the outside world while keeping them safe from roads and other hazards. The fencing can fit any garden and comes in a variety of forms including a fence-top barrier, a full fence, a freestanding enclosure or ‘catio’ (cat patio) and a balcony frame for owners living in flats or apartments. James Bowen, owner of Streetcat Bob, has recently had a ProtectaPet catio professionally installed in order to give Bob access to outside while keeping him safe from threats including being ‘cat-napped.’

Simon and Eve Davies founded ProtectatPet in 2012. The company now employs 16 people and estimates that its fencing solutions are in use by more than 3,000 owners across the UK. Fencing can be ordered in DIY form from the company’s online shop or fitted as a bespoke installation by ProtectaPet fitters.

In 2017, Dr Andy Sparkes, Veterinary Director of iCatCare, undertook a survey of pet owners already using a pet containment system*. More than 90% said that they had installed the solution in order to keep their cat safe from the road while 79% cited a desire to protect their cats safe from cruelty or theft. Before their fencing was installed, almost 40% said that their cats had no outdoor access at all. Living exclusively indoors is known to cause stress to cats, according to iCatCare.

Commenting on the Award, Simon Davies, Operations Director at ProtectaPet, said: “Following the loss of Lola, we wanted to enable our cats to experience the outdoors without the risks associated with it. I installed a fencing system at home and quickly realised that there were plenty of additional benefits to using a cat boundary around the periphery of the garden. Through ProtectaPet, we now offer this service to other owners who want to maximise the safety of their cat while giving them the opportunity to spend time outside.”

Communications Director Eve Davies added: “With roads getting busier and the density of cats in residential areas increasing, many owners are choosing to keep their cats inside. While their cats maybe safer, their wellbeing and welfare may be at risk.

“The modular components of ProtectaPet turn any garden into a safe cat territory while giving their owners peace of mind. It has been well received by pet owners and cat welfare bodies. Winning the iCatCare Cat Friendly Award is the icing on the cake and we are very grateful to everyone who has helped us to get this far. By giving them safe access to the outside world, we look forward to transforming the lives of many more cats in the months ahead.”

Dr Claire Bessant, Chief Executive of iCatCare, said: “While keeping a cat indoors may keep it safe from some dangers, outdoor access provides stimulation and an increased opportunity for exercise, and to express natural behaviours. The variety of solutions, components and sizes offered by ProtectaPet provide high quality creative fencing to keep cats safe. The company is continually adding to its range and seeking the best for cat welfare.”

ProtectaPet is a pet fencing system, optimised for the most agile breeds of cats and dogs. Its success is based on a commitment to innovation inspired by the experience of pet owners, high specification UK engineering and outstanding customer service. In addition to the iCatCare Award, the ProtectaPet System has been voted 'Cat Product I Can't Live Without' by the readers of 'Your Cat' Magazine for the last four years.

ProtectaPet at the Cat Friendly Awards