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10 Tips to Help Prevent Your Cat from Being Stolen

Cat Stolen from Dundee Rescue Centre

Cats Protection in Dundee was targeted by cat thieves last week. Two hooded people are suspected of breaking in a stealing one of the cats in the care of the charity. They are thought to have smashed the lock on an isolated pen. The stolen cat is 10 year old Sandy. He had been in the care of Cats Protection since March 7, 2017. The ginger and white cat was taken in by the charity after his owner moved home and was no longer in the position to care for him. The cats name is Sandy, if you notice any new cats in your neighbourhood or for sale please contact Police Scotland.

Cats in Gardens

Cats are stolen for so many reasons and cases like these highlight how careful cat owners, charities and breeders need to be. A cat can be taken within seconds and they can be very difficult to trace, especially if they don’t have a microchipped. Here are a few steps you can take to help protect your cats from thieves.

  • Get your cat microchipped and update the data each time you move home or premises and change your phone number.
  • Use motion triggered lighting in your garden, next to any entrances or exits around your home.
  • Remember to close your gates.
  • Consider investing in a cat balcony, cat patio or cat fencing for your garden.
  • Don’t allow your cat outside during the night or until after the morning rush.
  • Keep cats indoors when you’re not at home.
  • Install CCTV cameras in your garden.
  • Don’t leave your cats home alone when you go on holiday. Use pet sitters or catteries to ensure your cat is monitored.
  • Get your cats spayed or neutered so they can’t be used for breeding and to prevent wandering.
  • Take photos of your cat to share around in case they do go missing.

Talk to us about our pet containment systems to help keep your cats and dogs safe from thieves.