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5 Fun Facts about Ragdolls

Ragdolls are beautiful cats with soft fur, beautiful eyes and irresistible personalities that make them the perfect pet cats. We have five fun facts to share with you and anyone who is interested in adding a ragdoll to their family.

    1. Ragdolls are a young cat breed that originated in Riverside, California in 1963. The breed is hugely popular thanks to the large size of the cat, their long soft coats and their super friendly and gentle personalities.

    2. Not all ragdolls have the blue eyes they’re known for. Some ragdolls have gold or blue/green eyes and their eye colour depends on their pattern. All ragdoll kittens have the blue eyes at birth but they can change colour as the kitten grows.

    3. If you want a cat to cuddle the ragdoll breed is for you. They go limp in your arms once you pick them up and they love to have quality together time filled with hugs and plenty of petting. They are fantastic lap cats who will give you affection.

    4.This breed is fascinated by running water. They will love to watch water come out of the taps. Keep ragdolls happy by adding a running water feature in your secure garden.

    5. Several myths surround the breed, which include being impervious to pain, an alien hybrid and fearless cats. Please remember these are myths and not facts!

    Do you have a ragdoll? We’d love to see your photos, please come and share your ragdoll photos with us over on the official ProtectaPet Facebook page.