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9 Croydon Cat Killer Suspects

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) continue to investigate the ongoing and extremely distressing cat murders and mutilations performed by the Croydon Cat Killer. This week, SNARL have handed the police a list of 9 suspects, all of which reside in the London area.

SNARL have been investigating since the murders began and the list once had as many as 50 names on it. The list has since been ruled down to 9, the police now have this suspect list and are aware of all the individuals on the list.

The latest victim was found on August 31, 2018 in Hounslow. The poor cat was found mutilated, bringing the number of cats linked to the killer to more than 400. Mr Jenkins and Ms Rising from SNARL both haven’t ruled out the idea that the killer might have an accomplice, providing transport around the UK. This idea hasn’t been ruled out yet. Ms Rising said “From a psychological point of view, serial killers often work in twos.” One will be the dominant force and often the second will not offend again if the main aggressor is caught.

A lack of funding is making it increasingly difficult for SNARL to keep the operation open. The killer has mutilated over 400 cats but the domestic cats aren’t the only target. Around 60 foxes have also been found and up to 50 rabbits, which have been taken from hutches in gardens. Ms Rising stated that the individual knows what he’s doing, ensuring that the roads are unlikely to have CCTV and often returning to the scene of the attacks causing fear for the homeowners. He appears to enjoy spreading fear and terror, which is a major cause for concern.

Keeping Your Cat Protected

Some people harm cats, others take them home with them and provide them with a nice life, or perhaps sell them on to others. Finding ways to reduce the risk helps to keep domestic pets safe. Here is a list of options to consider introducing.

  • Restrict outdoor access with a cat containment system such as cat fencing
  • Don’t allow pets access to the outdoors between the hours of dusk and after rush hour
  • Train cats to come home to the sound of food
  • Always Keep your cat indoors
  • Get your cat neutered to prevent wondering
  • Microchip your pets
  • Lock the gates to the side of your home
  • Install CCTV

Ask us about our cat fencing solutions. We have a team who are ready to come and install our systems in your garden. Alternatively, do it yourself kits are available. Contact us for advice as all gardens and requirements are different.