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Are You Getting a Cat This Year? Advice for New Cat Owners

You’ve decided you’re ready to get a cat. Here are a few things you need to think about before you rush out and buy the first cat you see.

  • Should you buy an adult cat or a kitten. Kittens will require a lot more of your time initially. You’ll need to train them and socialise them to teach the vital skills all domestic cats need. Older cats will generally have that training all ready, meaning they are more ideally suited for people with busy lifestyles.
  • Rescue centres are full of older cats and kittens that need homes. Adopting from a rescue centre is a great way to help cats that haven’t had the best start in life.
  • One or two cats? Are you going to be out for long periods of time? Cats can keep each other company and reduce boredom. If you’re not at home a lot it might be an idea to get two.
  • What breed is best? Research into all the different breeds, their characteristics and known health problems associated with the breed. Some breeds like to have company all day long. Some like to be picked up and stroked while others are more adventurous and active. Always check the breeder’s reputation too.
  • Always visit the cats in person before committing to buying. You need to check for signs of illness or poor breeding. Choose kittens that are alert and avoid cats with runny eyes, poorly stomachs and runny noses.
  • Will your cat be an indoor or an outdoor cat. Think about the area you live in and the risks involved in letting cats roam free. Contact us to learn more about our cat containment systems if you’d like your cat to have the best of both worlds, without the risks.
  • Take your new cat to the vets for a checkup and to be vaccinated and microchipped and to discuss neutering if applicable.

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