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Bengal Cat Fencing, Cat Enclosures, Cat Runs and Catios

Agile Bengal Cats

Bengals are the most agile breed of cats and Bengal owners know that they can be one of the most challenging breeds to keep safe from danger. Many Benhgal owners will tell you that they require outdoor enrichment and entertainment to prevent them from making mischief! ProtectaPet cat fencing, cat enclosures and cat runs are optimised for Bengals: our cat bracket features the 'Bengal-Bend' which is second bend in our bracket, designed for cats with increased strength and agility.

Bengal Cat Fencing

Bengal Cat Fencing

The ProtectaPet cat containment system is modular so that is accommodate all boundary heights and types from brick walls and fences through to privet hedge or where there is no existing boundary. As our reviews demonstrate, our specifically designed cat enclosures and cat fencing have successfully contained 100s of Bengals across the UK, keeping them safe from the dangers of free roaming and providing Bengal cat owners with peace of mind.

Bengal Catios

By nature, Bengals are athletic. Not only are they physically strong and powerful but they are intelligent and curious too, making them one of the most challenging breeds of cats to keep safe from the dangers of free-roaming. But it is precisely because of Bengals' tenacity and curiosity that Bengal cats need protecting in a safe environment that is stimulating. Some Bengal owners to choose to keep their cats safe in an outdoor catio.