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Bishop’s Castle Police Investigating After Dead and Injured Cats Discovered

Bishop’s Castle residents are worried that cats in the Shropshire town are being targeted. Police officers are currently investigated and at the current time they have been unable to rule out foul play. The investigations began after two kittens were found deceased and the disturbing discovery of a detached cats tail found in the town.

The police have communicated their investigation on the Bishop’s Castle Policing Team Facebook page. The two kittens were discovered at Woodbatch Road on September 22. Initial investigations have been unable to determine the cause of death and the police are working on several scenarios, none of which have been discounted.

The second incident was a cat’s tail that was found on September 27. The tail was discovered at Bishop’s Castle park. The tail was examined by a local vet who described it as a degloving wound. The tail is likely t have been detached through pulling after the tail became trapped. The vet also said it could have been caused by a road accident. The vet doesn’t think that the tail was a result of an attack by a human and did state that it wasn’t chopped off. At this time, the cat with the missing tail hasn’t been discovered and it is likely to have died by its injuries.

The third matter of concern involved two kittens that had been let outside into the garden by the owners. Later in the day one of the kittens arrived home and suffered a seizure, experiencing breathing difficulties and bleeding from the mouth. The kitten sadly died, and the death is currently being investigated. The second kitten was not affected.

Member of the Bishop’s Castle have accused the police of downplaying the incidents. The police have denied these claims and told the public they are currently sharing the facts and the opinions of the local vet.

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