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Caring for Cats During Colder Weather

We all thought spring was on it’s way, and it is, but there’s just a tiny thing called the Beast of the East Mark 2 to get out the way first. Hopefully, once this latest cold spell leaves our shores the warmer weather will begin to settle in. Before then, please remember to be wary of antifreeze around your neighbourhood. Here are a few more wintry weather tips for cat owners.

  • Don’t lock cats out during the cold spell. Some people do lock the cat out overnight but providing a warm place to sleep is essential especially during these very cold periods. If you really can’t have the cat indoors we recommend providing an outside cat kennel or shed that is waterproof. Place a bed and some warm blankets along with fresh water and food.
  • Water will freeze over, check the water bowl frequently throughout the day and replace the water if it has frozen. Cats will look for water elsewhere if they can’t access it, raising the risk of being exposed to antifreeze and other dangers such as road grit.
  • Lift the bonnet of your car and check around the wheels for sleeping cats before starting your vehicle. Cats are attracted to the warmth given off by the engine, warm spots are perfect for these cold nights.
  • Don’t forget the litter tray. Cats that go to the toilet outside may not wish to go during the cold spell, especially when snow falls. Place a cat litter tray inside the home to stop any accidents and to encourage your cat not to hold it in.
  • Cats with free access to the outdoors should have their paws checked when they return home. Grit and antifreeze and de-icers can irritate the pads and cause serious illness if ingested.
  • Encourage your cat to stay inside until the cold spell passes. Play with your cat, provide comfortable and warm sleeping spaces and give space when it’s preferred. Provide outside access with a catio or cat fencing if your cat insists of being allowed outdoors.

Does your cat have any cold weather preferences that you’d like to share with us? Perhaps they have a favourite sleeping spot or a habit that only appears when the snow falls. Come and visit us on Facebook and let us know.