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Cat Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Many of us love to spoil our pets and include them, as much as they allow, at Christmas. We have a selection of the purrfect Christmas gift ideas for your feline family members.

You Can’t Have Too Many Cat Toys

You’re never too old or too furry to appreciate a quality toy. They don’t have to cost the earth, making them a great gift to give from the younger members of the family. The Snail Cat Nip Toy costs only £4.99 and brings cats a lot of pleasure. These cat nip toys are handcrafted in Wales and are stuffed full of catnip, stimulating the cat and enhancing play time.

Expanded Kingdom

Cat shelves always go down well as they not only increase space for cats to explore and relax on, they also provide opportunities for more exercise and look amazing too. The Catipilla cat shelves come in two sizes, mini and pro, offering a good choice for homes of all sizes. The shelves are made of high-quality materials ensuring they compliment your home as much as they entertain your cats.

The Best of Both Worlds

Indoor cats are increasing in the UK for multiple reasons. Keeping cats inside removes many risks including but not limited to:

  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Road accidents
  • Disease
  • Poisoning

However, indoor cats don’t have to be limited to the walls of your home. Cat fences, catios, cat balconies and cat enclosures keep cats safe in a contained area while allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors. All cat containment systems are made to a high quality and can be designed to fit your space perfectly.

Making an Entrance

The SureFlap Microchip pet door is a fantastic cat flap that stops other animals from entering the home. The cat flap works by using your own cats’ microchip. You can further improve the benefits of the SureFlap cat flap with the ‘hub’/ The addition of the hub allows you to lock and unlock the flap even when you’re not at home. It also tells you if your cat is in or out and can be set to a curfew.

We hope you have found some inspiration in our Cat Christmas gift guide for 2019. Let us know on Facebook whether you buy gifts for your kitties. Don’t forget to share your festive cat photos with us too, we always love to see them!