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Cats and Bonfire Night: What You Need to Know

Here in the UK we can expect fireworks to begin the weekend before bonfire night, so doing a little bit of preparation now will save a mad dash to keep your kitties inside on the 5th November when the scary noises are at their peak. 

At ProtectaPet we are advocates of giving cats safe outdoor access through the use of our cat fencing solutions, safe being the key word! 

Start to limit time outside after dark

In the run up to bonfire night it's time to shut those Catio gates and encourage your feline to get comfortable inside of an evening. If your cat is free roaming, then this is even more important. Now is the time to get into a strong routine at dinner time so your cat knows to return home, and you aren't left wondering where she is in the midst of the chaos.

Your cat needs to trust you

Cats depend on their humans more than you might think. Contrary to popular belief they are very loyal animals, as long as they know they are safe in your care. You can do this with positive reinforcement, plenty of play, attention, and creating secure spaces for your cat to exhibit their natural behaviour. 

Make a safe space: inside!

Remember making forts as a kid? There's nothing that feels quite as safe as being under blankets, playing games, and forgetting that the outside world even exists. Give your cat that same sense of safety this bonfire night by filling a room or a nook with their favourite toys, blankets, cat beds, scratching posts and clean litter. You can even add some cardboard boxes for your cat to hide in and feel snug.

Having litter easily accessible over the festivities is even more important for free roaming cats that normally go to the toilet outside.

Our catnip toys go down a treat to keep cats distracted!

Muffle sights and sounds

Put on the television or the radio and watch the usual television shows or listen to music that your cats are used to hearing. There are also cat music playlists and videos available on YouTube and various music streaming services, such as Spotify. Close all windows, doors and curtains to keep your kitty from seeing the big scary flashes of fireworks. 

Use a calming diffuser or spray

Feliway have amazing success stories on their products that help cats deal with stress and keep calm in a wide range of situations.