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Charity, Cat Chat: 10,000 cats homed Per Year!

Cat Chat, the Cat Rescue Resource is a web-based UK charity, sourcing new, permanent homes for currently over 10,000 rescued cats and kittens each year from rescue centres and rehoming groups across the UK and Ireland, through its website:

Cat Chat was launched in June 2000 by myself and my partner Steve, and was originally intended just as a fun website about our two rescue cats, Gemini & George. However, we quickly realised there was a huge need for an online resource to help other rescued cats find homes. The internet was very young then, and most rescue centres didn’t have websites, so Cat Chat offered them a free way to get their adoptable cats online.

Now in our 19th year, Cat Chat has become a vital resource for rehoming centres across the country. We are particularly committed to finding homes for long-stay and hard-to-home cats.

Our regionally searchable Cats Needing Homes database and Shelters section makes it easy for people to find rescue centres - and adoptable cats - in their local area.

We believe there is a home for every cat - and a cat for every home!

If you could consider adopting a cat, please visit us:

* Homepage:

* See Cats for Adoption Near You: Cats Needing Homes

* Find your Local Cat Shelters & Rehoming Groups: Shelter Listings

* See ‘Overlooked’ Cats for Adoption in Your Area: Overlooked Cats

* Top 10 Reasons why Adoption is the Best Option: Why Rescue?

Cat Chat, the Cat Rescue Resource

Charity No. 1100649