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Does Your Cat Really Love You?

If you ask most cat owners whether their cat loves them or not most of them will be able to tell you the answer with confidence. As cat owners, we know our cats characters, their likes and dislikes and it’s pretty easy to tell if they love you or not. Now science is backing up our inbuilt instincts.

The University of Oregon recently led a study of 45 cats, a mixture of pets and cats from local shelters. Their research revealed that most cats do like to be in the company of mere humans and they even prefer it more than food, catnip, toys and other cats. The test they performed to scientifically prove this fact was placing cats in a room with four types of stimulation. The amount of time the cats spent with each one was then timed and recorded. The data showed that the cats spent more time with humans, with food coming in second.

Cat owners will not be surprised by this information in the slightest. There are many happy tales of love between cat and their owners. From cats asking to be picked up and rubbing around legs to cats waiting at the end of the road each day for their owners to come home from work or from school. There are cats who love to sleep on their owner’s heads at night or cuddle up between couples in bed. Unfortunately, there are lots of non-cat owners who fail to see this loveable side of our feline friends. The University of Oregon researchers think that cats are generally misunderstood. Many people feel they are unsociable and untrainable. While this may be the case for a small percentage of cats, many will happily make friends with humans.

This research is a good reminder to take steps to protect your feline family members. If you have a sociable cats that love to interact with humans we do recommend keeping a close eye on them while they’re out of the home. Sadly, many cats are stolen and therefore it’s a good idea to keep your cats inside the home or install cat fencing around your garden borders. We have lots of cat enclosures available for all types of gardens and outdoor spaces. Contact us for more information.