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Dogs and Cats Aren’t for Christmas

There has been a long running campaign reminding us that dogs aren’t for Christmas. Each year, many dogs are abandoned after being bought as gifts at Christmas time. However, we would also like to remind our readers that cats, and other pets, should not be given as gifts at Christmas time either. It’s never a good idea to surprise someone with a pet. There are lots of costs involved and added responsibilities that come with owning a pet. They need time, attention and money and therefore it’s necessary for any person to carefully consider whether a pet is the right addition to the family or not.

Even if you’ve been thinking about getting a pet for a while, it’s still not ideal to home a pet at Christmas time. This is a very busy time of year and even experienced pet owners can become overwhelmed with the new responsibilities. There are additional hazards to consider at Christmas time too. There will be lots of extra things in the house that can be dangerous for pets. You may have an increase of visitors (who might not be good at closing gates or doors). The home might be too busy, causing stress to the animal and making it hard for you to devote the time and attention that new pets require.

If you have your heart set on a new pet, please wait just a little bit longer. Use this time to get prepared. Buy the necessary items you need for the new pet. Research into vets, insurance, food costs, injections and boosters. You can look at local training classes and the catteries and kennels so you’re aware of the future costs involved when you decide to go on holiday or take a spontaneous trip. It’s also a good idea to get the home ready, ensuring it’s pet friendly and ready for any new additions that arrive in the home after the festive period. You could install a cat containment system, remove poisonous plants and place any dangerous chemicals found in the home in a secure area.

Don’t buy pets this Christmas, for yourself or for anyone else. There will be pets available throughout the year, there’s no need to rush out and make a rash decision. Please remind friends and family that dogs, cats and other pets should not be bought at Christmas time.