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How Neighbours Can Legally Keep Your Cat Off Their Property

Not all neighbours appreciate cats visiting their property. Some people dislike cats coming in the garden or home and will take measures to stop it happening. We’ll take a look at both sides of the argument, what the law says, and how to improve your relationship with your neighbour without taking drastic measures.

Cat enjoying an enriching outdoor environment with cat friendly toys and plants in the safety of ProtectaPet Cat Fence Barriers.

Diffuse cat tension with your neighbour

    To reach a solution with your neighbour, communication and understanding is key to avoid taking the matter down a more serious and legal route. They might have a cat of their own that feels intimidated by other cats in the area. Or they may be an avid gardener and not like to find cats using their garden as a toilet.

    Cats can be an annoyance to avid gardeners is a blog from a gardener who gives an insight into the perspective of the neighbour who doesn’t have a cat. In this article Bob mentions steps people can take under Common Law Duty of Care and Anti Social Behaviour Orders.

    Therefore it’s important as a cat owner to act responsibly and know that your cat’s behaviour isn’t a free for all under the Animal Rights Act, and you can still come under legal scrutiny should you neighbour choose to take things further. Keep reading to the end for the number one FOOL-PROOF SOLUTION to stop your cat from trespassing.

    What can my neighbour do legally to stop my cat coming into their garden?

      Cats are protected to an extent by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 which means any actions neighbours take to prevent your cat from coming into their garden needs to be humane and safe. Here are the following allowed actions as listed on the Cats Protection website: 

      • Clapping or shouting

      • Using low pressure water guns 

      • Using a secure cat flap for their own cat

      • Planting hedges and shrubs to deter cats or make it difficult for them to enter 

      • Removing bird tables and feeders to try to discourage wildlife 

      • Using chicken manure pellets that are approved by the Soil Association 

      • Using pebbles and stone to cover soil 

      • Using high walls and fences to stop cats from entering the garden 

      • Using water sprays that are triggered by infra-red sensors 

      You can view the full Animal Welfare Act 2006 on the governments website by clicking here.


      The Solution

      ProtectaPet is a team of dedicated pet lovers who create 'habinatural' safe outdoor environments for your cats for better relationships with your neighbours.


      It's lovely to be able to have the door open on a sunny day without worrying about the cats all the time. And the neighbours are delighted.” Trustpilot Review by Lesley.


      Using cat fencing is a great way of stopping your cat from roaming and giving you peace of mind that they’re not causing trouble or getting hassled by non-cat loving neighbours.

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