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How to introduce your cat into a new home…

One area that I've been asked to help with quite frequently is when a new cat is introduced into the home, and either one of the cats (or both), attack the other for various possible reasons, or they may redirect onto the cat parent. To alleviate cat stress, follow these steps:

1. Introduce your cat into one room initially.

2. Place Feliway Diffusers in the new cat’s room, and in the room your other cat spends most of his time.

3. Start scent swopping between the two cats, gathering pheromones from their cheeks and chin on two separate cloths belonging to each cat and offering the cloths to investigate.

4. When the cats are ignoring or rubbing on the cloths, mix the scents and rub on yourself at cat height as well.

5. The next stage is seeing each other, either through a mesh or a slightly opened door.

6. Only progress to each stage when the cats are relaxed and comfortable with the previous stage. This can take days, weeks or months, but if done slowly can set the stage for at least mutual tolerance, if not a close relationship.

7. Increase all resources so there is a sense of abundance: scratching posts and cat trees, feeding stations, water stations, resting and sleeping locations and many toys and games.

Advice by Vicky Alhadeff BA, DipSMP, DipCAPBT, TTouch P1, IMDT, a companion animal behaviourist and Tellington TTouch practitioner.