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Improve Your Cats Health and Welfare with a New Feeding Plan

Dr. Sarah Ellis and Dr. Lizzie Rowe have developed the plan using scientific evidence. Cats on the plan will avoid overeating and they will have a good balance between energy output and energy intake – helping to avoid weight gain and it can also be used to help overweight cats lose weight.

Research shows that the common feeding practice contributes to obesity in cats. In the UK, there are an estimated 10 million domestic cats and between 39 and 52% of these pets are either overweight or obese. Most cats don’t have to do any exercise in order to get their food and they are often eating more calories than they need without losing enough calories through exercise. Feeding cats like this doesn’t match their natural behaviours in the wild. Therefore they lack mental stimulation and don’t have the opportunity to display their hunting behaviour. As a result, cats can suffer from stress, anxiety, boredom, apathy and stress.

Introducing a few simply changes into the way cats are fed can make all the difference. Here are the recommendations that are made in the new plan:

  • Providing cats with five or more small portions of food, replacing two or one larger portions being provided)
  • Introducing a puzzle feeder instead of a typical bowl
  • Changing the feeding location on a regular basis
  • Use timed feeders and puzzle feeders to spread the feeding times across the 24 hour period
  • Monitor the behaviour and the weight of the cat

Learn more about the new feeding plan on the International Cat Care Website:

Come and tell us about the differences you notice if you introduce your cats to this new feeding plan in the next few weeks/months.