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Introducing Bionic Basil the Cat

Basil the Bionic Cat’ is a cross between Inspector Gadget and James Bond with a cat as the hero.This novel is for children between the ages of 8-12 years, but has the appeal for all age groups and particularly to anyone who loves cats. It tells the story of the Pilkington family’s much-loved tortoise-shell cat, who inadvertently becomes the subject of his owner, Mr P.’s, latest scientific breakthrough – a super strength serum which holds ‘organic bionic’ properties. Basil features along co-star Posie. However, when a rival scientist becomes involved with an Eastern European Mafia gang in an attempt to steal Mr P.’s latest inventions, the rest of the Pilkington family are put at risk.Amber and Suzy, Mr P.’s twin daughters, are kidnapped and used as bargaining material in return for Pilkington Industries’ best kept secrets.Both the Secret Service and Mr P. are on the trail of the deadly spies, but it is down to Basil and his new found sensory powers to track down the villains hideout and help rescue the twins from an unknown fate.

Find out more by signing up to the Bionic Basil Blog. Win a copy of this book by entering our competition and answering the following question. Which other member of The B Team co-stars in the book with Basil? Email your answer to us before 21st March 2018.